The Country Side Of Harmonica Sam – A Drink After Midnight (+Finland show 15.7)

Swedish group The Country Side Of Harmonica Sam and their new album A Drink After Midnight has been a bit of a surprise favourite here at the onechord headquarters. But hey what could possibly be more entertaining during these late nights and early mornings than sink knee deep into traditional honky tonk heartache. The Country Side of Harmonica Sam master all this just as well as their current American colleagues. This damn fine record is now out on El Toro Records.

The Country Side of Harmonica Sam will also have a concert coming up in Finland next week at Racecoast Rockin’ Fest #6. It takes place at Kangasala on Saturday 15th of July. I think that might be a good destination for a little summer vacation trip. So if you see someone there who doesn’t look like he belongs in the crowd, that’s probably yours truly. I’ll try to get the hang of it, if I end up in there. I’m not completely new into the music. I learned a lot from El Nino and also have several fifties rock and rockabilly box sets and compilations. Hardly an expert though, but one has to start somewhere and Racecoast Rockin’ Fest #6 might be a good place for that.

This is the video for the awesome single and title track A Drink After Midnight from the new album by The Country Side of Harmonica Sam.

The Country Side of Harmonica Sam Website

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