Adam Remnant – When I Was a Boy EP


Lately I’ve been spinning the new Adam Remnant EP When I Was a Boy. Adam is an Ohio-based songwriter and he used to be the frontman of a great band called Southeast Engine. I had no clue he had a solo release coming out, but thankfully Captains Dead (one of my most trusted music sources) pointed me towards this.

Anyway, When I Was a Boy is out now on Trailer Fire Records and it’s pretty amazing. I’m not entirely sure am I smiling or crying while listening to it, because the struggles of adulthood certainly hits close home. Maybe striked even a bit too close when I was driving home after an 11-hour work shift and the opening lines of this song called There Beside Me started playing in the car stereo.

The real standout track of the EP is still this phenomenal closing song Rewriting Tomorrow. Oh my. This song. Everything about this song.

Adam Remnant Website

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