Jon Latham – Lifers (new song + indiegogo project)


There’s so much good new music out there right now and so little time to write this blog. A lot of great stuff has come out during the past two weeks. There’s new albums from John Calvin Abney, Kirty, M.Lockwood Porter, Tom Brosseau etc. I try to get to those current favourites sometime soon-ish, but this blog entry is mostly about future greatness.

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jon Latham is currently working on his sophomore album Lifers. Country Fried Rock premiered the wonderful title track Lifers early in the week and Jon has put an indiegogo campaign together in order to finance this future masterpiece. I did my small part, but maybe I should upgrage my perk, because I never bought a physical copy of the excellent debut album when it came out (I couldn’t find them anywhere at the time). It’s possible to grab these both now, if you experienced similar difficulties. This is the gorgeous title track Lifers from the forthcoming album that is estimated to drop into the hearts of the backers in April 2017.

And here’s a little bonus. I’ve shared some Jon Latham songs here over the past year or so, but I don’t think I have posted this one called Kimberly Met Billy that was co-written with another great tunesmith Darrin Bradbury. No idea will you find this beautiful one from the forthcoming album, but it’s definitely worth hearing. Here’s Flour Sack Cape’s live video for the song.

Jon Latham Website
Help Make Jon Latham’s Sophomore Album, Lifers at Indiegogo

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