Daniel Romano – Human Touch & Nerveless

Hey, it’s 2018 and Canadian Daniel Romano kick-started it beautifully by dropping two surprise full-length albums on the 4th of January. Human Touch and Nerveless will only be available until the end of his current Canadian tour, so better act fast in case you don’t want to miss out. I suppose it’s possible that these albums or songs will appear again on a later date in some shape or form, but why take the chance because they might not. What I can say is that these are wonderful albums and not just an act of cleaning up the cupboards from old second rate tunes before moving on to new horizons. At least, these aren’t second rate by anyone else’s standards. As for Daniel Romano, who really knows. It sure seems like this man can write a great record every month if he so wishes. Anyway, I’m thrilled that he dropped a couple of them into our hearts, so we don’t have to wait for that 2030 box set that contains dozens of unreleased Daniel Romano albums. I would go with Human Touch if I would have to choose just one. Thankfully I don’t have to, because I love them both and both are extremely highly recommended. Just like everything else in his song catalogue.

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