OCTA Weekly Playlist Episode #38

Another week, another weekly playlist.

Sorry for the small delay. I was away for the Easter. I’m sure I also missed lots of stuff this week, because I was away the whole weekend. I might add a song or two later, if I remember something important. Just wanted to get this done as soon as I got home.

It was a big release week. Anna Tivel’s new album was on the top of my list. It’s actually one of my favourite albums of the whole year so far. The Delines, Anna Tivel and Damien Jurado are probably my current 2019 favorites. I have no idea in which order. There’s lots more than just Anna Tivel album though. The week brought new albums from Daniel Norgren, Brad Armstrong, Natural Bridges, Heather Woods Broderick, The Tallest Man On Earth, Jason Anderson (Lost Sessions vol 4), Elva, Field Medic, Wand, The Yawpers, Jade Bird, Will Kimbrough, Your Heart Breaks and Joe Kaplow (this last one was a week ago, but I missed it then). Johanna Samuels EP is also really noteworthy.

The Finland-related section revisits Eden Prairie and Astral Brain and brings new singles from Suad, MeriTuuli and Janne Tapion Sisäinen Avaruus.

Some international (should-be) hit singles too like the new songs from Shane Leonard, Kenny Husband, Esther Rose, Erin Durant, Chris Staples, Joseph Robert Krauss and Black Pumas. Everything else would be worthy of a namedrop too, but you’ll find them all from the list below.

That’s all for now. Next week back to normal business and the playlist should be up on Sunday. Hopefully I’ll do a better job then or maybe like write a post or two that’s not just a playlist. I’ve been such a sorry excuse of a music blogger lately. Still too stubborn to quit, so back at least with a new playlist on Sunday. Until then. Love.

1. Anna Tivel – Figure It Out (The Question, Fluff and Gravy Records, 2019)
2. Shane Leonard – Postcard Laundry (single, AntiFragile Music, 2019)
3. Johanna Samuels – Nothing To Know (Have A Good One EP, Basin Rock, 2019)
4. Daniel Norgren – When I Hold You In My Arms (Wooh Dang, Superpuma Records, 2019)
5. Brad Armstrong – Climb Any Mountain (I Got No Place Remembers Me, Cornelius Chapel Records, 2019)
6. Kenny Husband – Friends (single, Good Soil Records, 2019)
7. Esther Rose – Handyman (single, Father/Daughter Records, 2019)
8. Erin Durant – Highway Blue (single, Keeled Scales Records, 2019)
9. Chris Staples – Everybody Said (single, Barsuk Records, 2019)
10. Natural Bridges – Bad Times (Good Medicine, Royal Oakie, 2019)
11. Black Pumas – Colors (single, Anti-, 2019)
12. Suad – White Lies (single, 2019)
13. Heather Woods Broderick – I Try (Invitation, Western Vinyl, 2019)
14. The Tallest Man On Earth – There’s a Girl (I Love You. It’s a Fever Dream. Rivers / Birds Records, 2019)
15. Joseph Robert Krauss – Twice the Fool (single, 2019)
16. Jason Anderson – Twenty-Four Weeks Ago (Back To Boston, 2019)
17. Elva – Everyhing Is Strange (Winter Sun, Tapete Records, 2019)
18. Field Medic – I Was Wrong (Fade Into the Dawn, Run For Cover Records, 2019)
19. Wand – High Planes Drifter (Laughing Matter, Drag City Records, 2019)
20. The Yawpers – Can’t Wait (Human Question, Bloodshot Records, 2019)
21. GA-20 – One Night Man (single, Colemine Records, 2019)
22. Beauty Queen – This Time Around (Out Of Touch EP, Sleep Well Records, 2019)
23. Jjjacob Jjjames – Disappearing (single, 2019)
24. MeriTuuli – Ruusut (single, 2019)
25. Janne Tapion Sisäinen Avaruus – Hirviöminä (single, Lumpeela Julkaisut, 2019)
26. Damien Jurado – Newspaper Gown (In The Shape of a Storm, Loose Music / Mama Bird Recording Co, 2019)
27. Flora Hibberd – The Absentee (single, Clear Light Records, 2019)
28. Jade Bird – 17 (Jade Bird, Glassnote Music, 2019)
29. Your Heart Breaks – Late Nights in the Lab (Drone Butch Blues, SofaBurn, 2019)
30. Valley Maker – Supernatural (single, Frenchkiss Records, 2019)
31. Lily Hayes – Soft On Me (single, 2019)
32. Astral Brain – From Above (single, 2019)
33. Eden Prairie – Ana Lucia (Ana Lucia EP, 2019)
34. Tim Bluhm – I Must Have Done Something Bad (single, 2019)
35. Joe Kaplow – There Will Be a Time (Time Spent in Between, 2019)
36. Will Kimbrough – I Like It Down Here (I Like It Down Here, Daphne Records, 2019)

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Oh and do buy the vinyl/cd/download. Spotify and other streaming services are perfect for these introductory purposes, but try to buy at least the music that matter the most to you

If you are looking this after a week has gone, the embedded Spotify will show the latest playlist. I’ll just update the same playlist because a) if someone wants to follow it, they can just follow that one list and will get a new set of songs each Sunday b) so that I don’t have a trillion of different playlists on my Spotify account.

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