OCTA 18th Anniversary – Matthew Milia

Our birthday party finally comes to an end in Detroit, Michigan. I know we are a little late with the schedule, but hey can this even be called as a festival if everything is perfectly on time. I wanted to wait for this submission, because Matthew Milia has been my favorite songwriter during the past 5-6 years. A couple of those Frontier Ruckus records have ended up as the album of the year of onechordnet and I fully expect the same thing to happen to Matthew Milia’s 2019 solo album Alone at St. Hugo when it’s time to round up this year in December. I love that album with all my heart. It’s been fun to see the power pop community fallin’ for the album too, because that’s the place where I come from and Alone at St. Hugo definitely has the melodies and harmonies to find a new home in the heart of any pop fan. A song from this album is a perfect closer to this anniversary festival, because it’s sort of a combination of the music that I loved when I started in 2001 and where I am now 18 years later. Here’s Matthew Milia bringing our anniversary week to a perfect end with a wonderful version of Karen’s Just a Kid from his new album.

Karen’s Just A Kid was filmed and edited by Noah Elliott Morrison

And that’s it for this festival. Thank you so much for all the artists and everyone who watched their performances. I gathered everything under that OCTA18 page on the top bar. There’s direct links to all posts for easy browsing and sharing. Plus a youtube playlist, if you want to hear almost all songs without seeing my ramblings.

If you want to hear more from Matthew Milia, please follow the links below to listen / to buy the new solo record or the equally wonderful whole Frontier Ruckus discography.

Matthew Milia at Facebook
Matthew Milia Website
Matthew Milia at Bandcamp

Frontier Ruckus at Bandcamp
Frontier Ruckus Website
Frontier Ruckus at Facebook

One Chord to Another hits 18 years on the 17th of September and celebrates the long road with an online birthday party. During the anniversary week (14 – 22 of September) you will see unique live performances from the artists that shaped these 18 years of the blog. Follow the action on this blog and social media and feel free to comment if you so wish.

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