OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #236

A very quick vacation ending new music weekly. I’m sure there’s a whole lot missing, because I tried to cover two weeks in one day.

The last two weeks gave us new albums from Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, Austin Lucas, Laith, Anna St. Louis, Jack Symes, David James Allen, Laura Cantrell, Michelle Billingsley, Elliot C Way, Sam Blasucci, Go By Ocean, Comet Gain, Roseanne Reid, Erin Enderlin, Jeremie Albino, Possum (EP), Thorsten Nesch (EP), Cooper Wolken, Starpainter, This is the Kit, Jess Williamson, Jenny Lewis, Ben Folds, Why Dogs Why (EP), and Stoner Control (EP).

From Finland there’s EPs from Hullu Pappila, Kami Mate and Nina Kaitaranta and an album from Kärmes. Plus singles from Litku Klemetti, Tender Lakes, M, Tanssiva Karhu, Krypta, KATI, Rock Siltanen Group, Grant Wood Company, Heidi Elmgren and Ruissalo Amping. And still keeping Markus Krunegård among the Finnish ones as well.

And a whole lot of singles too. I haven’t done a whole lot listening yet, but some early faves came from Jacksonport, Melody Walker & Mercy Bell, Joey O’Neil, Beth Bombara, William Matheny, Dakota Theim, Weird Nightmare and so forth.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. It all matters. Back next week most likely (unless I go to a festival or something). Hopefully with a more thorough effort too. Summer might be bit on an off type of thing, but I try to do this on most weekends. I’ll tell you on instagram and/or twitter, if/when I miss a week.

1. Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit – King of Oklahoma (Weathervanes, Southeastern Records / Thirty Tigers, 2023)
2. Austin Lucas – Black Me Out (Reinventing Against Me! Grindethos Records, 2023)
3. Laith – L.A (Lightning, Fluff & Gravy Records, 2023)
4. Anna St. Louis – Sad Eyes (In the Air, Mare / Woodsist, 20239
5. Jack Symes – Sunset Song (Jack Symes & The River House, Ay Caramba Records, 2023)
6. David James Allen – The Devil and Me (By the Summertime, Littleknown Records, 2023)
7. Elliot C Way – No Place for a Wicked Man to Die (All I Know, 2023)
8. Erin Enderlin – Livin’ for Today (Barroom Mirrors, Black Crow Productions, 2023)
9. Michelle Billingsley – Sense of Smell (Both Sides of Lonely, Westenr Myth Records, 2023)
10. Laura Cantrell – Secret Language (Just Like a Rose, Propeller Sound Recordings, 20239
11. Roseanne Reid – What Constitutes a Sin (Lawside, Last Man Music, 2023)
12. Possum – Come Drinking With Me (Possum Bitter EP, 2023)
13. Thorsten Nesch – At First Sight (Make Sure You Have a Falcon On Your Shoulder EP, Polterzeitgeist Records, 2023)
14. Jeremie Albino – Early Morn (Tears You Hide, Good People Record Co, 2023)
15. Sam Blasucci – Around the Corner (Off My Stars, Innovative Leisure / Calico Discos, 2023)
16. Go By Ocean – Ascending Ghosts (Can I Communicate With the Unknown, Royal Oakie Records, 2023)
17. Comet Gain – Only Happy When I’m Sad (The Misfit Jukebox, Tapete Records, 2023)
18. Cooper Wolken – What You Thought (Chapters, Earth Libraries, 2023)
19. Starpainter – Aerostar (Rattlesnake Dream, Neon Moon Records, 2023)
20. This is the Kit – Goodbye Bite (Careful of Your Keepers, Rough Trade Records, 2023)
21. Jess Williamson – Roads (Time Ain’t Accidental, Mexican Summer, 2023)
22. Jenny Lewis – Chain of Tears (Joy’All, UMG, 2023)
23. Ben Folds – What Matters Most (What Matters Most, New West Records, 2023)
24. Why Dogs Why – Your Cocoon (Homebody EP, 2023)
25. Stoner Control – Glad You Made It (Glad You Made It EP, 2023)
26. Colored Lights – I Used to Cook (single, Bobo Integral, 2023)
27. Jacksonport – Dusted Beauty (single, Ay Caramba, 2023)
28. Hullu Pappila – Luulisin, kuulisin (Aallonpohja EP, Humu Records, 2023)
29. Nina Kaitaranta – Hymy Herkessä (Hymy Herkessä EP, 2023)
30. Litku Klemetti – Ulos maailmaan (single, Is This Art, 2023)
31. Heidi Elmgren – Jyväskylä (I love you) (single, Musakonttori, 2023)
32. Tanssiva Karhu – Viimeinen bussini aina ensimmäinen (single, 2023)
33. M – Seitsämältä niityltä (single, Playground, 2023)
34. KATI – Säännöt (kehobiisi) (single, Karhuvaltio Records, 2023)
35. Markus Krunegård – Mä tykkään sust (single, All That Plazz, 2023)
36. Ruissalo Amping – Rakkaus kuolemassa elää (single, Svart Records, 2023)
37. Rock Siltanen Group – Draculapilleri (single, Rockia ja sporttia, 2023)
38. Krypta – Vala (single, Svart Records, 2023)
39. Kärmes – Anneli (Kärmes, KHY Suomen Musiikki, 2023)
40. Tender Lakes – Small Mercies (single, 2023)
41. Kami Mate – Adverse Reaction (III EP, 2023)
42. Grant Wood Company – OK, Fine (single, Karhuvaltio Records, 2023)
43. William Matheny – Grand Old Feeling (single, Hickman Holler / Thirty Tigers, 2023)
44. Beth Bombara – Everything I Wanted (single, Black Mesa Records, 2023)
45. Lilly Hiatt – Mustard (single, Moonchkin Records, 2023)
46. Dalton Mills – Outsider (single, 2023)
47. Brennen Leigh – I’m Still Looking For You (single, Signature Sounds Recordings, 2023)
48. Melody Walker & Mercy Bell – Jesus Was a Drag Queen (single, Antifragile Music, 2023)
49. Allison Russell – The Returner (single, Fantasy Records, 2023)
50. Joey O’Neil – Neighbour (single, 2023)
51. Joshua Ray Walker – Cuz I Love You (single, Soundly, 2023)
52. Sarah Cargano – Self Diagnosis (single, 2023)
53. Joanna Sternberg – People Are Toys to You (single, Fat Possum Records, 2023)
54. Margaret Glaspy – Act Natural (single, ATO Records, 2023)
55. Becca Mancari – Over and Over (single, Captured Tracks, 2023)
56. Kitba – Tied to Strings (single, 2023)
57. Dakota Theim – The High Life (single, 2023)
58. Tough Age – Paradise By Another Name (single, Bobo Integral, 2023)
59. Weird Nightmare – She’s the One (single, 2023)
60. Leo Walrus – Can You Swim? (single, 2023)
61. Dylan Rodrigue – Lalala (single, 2023)
62. Jordan Moser – Greenbelt Vision (single, Keeled Scales, 2023)
63. Richard Tripps – Bless the Dead (single, Perpetual Doom, 2023)
64. Fust – Trouble (single, Dear Life Records, 20239
65. Andrew Sisk – Adrift (single, 2023)
66. Hiss Golden Messenger – Nu-Grape (single, Merge Records, 2023)
67. Rod Smoth – Read My Face Out Loud (single, 2023)
68. Repulsive Woman – 137 Pages (single, Millicent Lovelock, 2023)
69. Lindsay Lou – Queen of Time (single, Kill Rock Stars Nashville, 2023)
70. Annie Bartholomew – Mountain Dove Song (single, Muskeg Collective, 2023)
71. Colter Wall – Corralling the Blues (single, La Honda Records / RCA, 2023)
72. Nathan Seeckts – Cassette in the Tapedeck (single, 2023)
73. Jason Eady – Wayside (single, Old Guitar Records, 2023)
74. Joshua Quimby – The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie (single, 2023)
75. Max Bien Kahn – Run (single, 2023)
76. Beau Jennings & The Tigers – People in this Town (single, Black Mesa Records, 2023)
77. Cut Worms – Ballad of Texas King (single, Jagjaguwar, 20239
78. Caitlin Canty – Salt Water (single, 2023)
79. Memory Spells feat Jordan Whitlock – All I See is You (single, 2023)
80. Phi-Psonics – An Offering (single, Gondwana Records, 2023)

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