Itasca – Open To Chance


Life has been busy and hard and my whole body aches, but thankfully there are things that have the ability to stop time and take care of me. Usually these things are songs and albums. L.A. based Kayla Cohen aka Itasca has written an absolute stunning album Open To Chance that came out 30th of September on the always magnificent Paradise Of Bachelors label. I bought a download when it came out and have lived the past week wrapped into the mesmerizing serene beauty of this album. It takes me back to that period in time in the early 00s when I bought everything I could find from artists like Sibylle Baier, Vashti Bunyan, Bridget St.John, Judee Sill, Linda Perhacs and I’m pretty confident that this amazing album can stand the test of time just as well as those classics have. This deserves a whole lot of love and longer, better actual review, but all I’m able to do right now is put the headphones on and let this captivating timeless music guide me into sleep. Here are a couple of standouts from the album, but you really need to hear the whole album.

Itasca Website

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Kalispell – Gary, IN (video)


One more for the weekend before another exhausting work week. Kalispell’s new album Printer’s Son came out in June on Cartouche Records. Joshua Ford directed a great music video for an album outtake called Gary, IN and I’m not going to miss such a good opportunity to post this amazing song one more time. I highly recommend listening to the whole album as well. It’s been on rotation in my head and heart for a year or so, because I got the early download as a kickstarter backer and I still find it thrilling each and every time. Shane Leonard is the man.

Shane Leonard and Kalispell Website

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Strawberry Heritage – Bound To Separate (single)


Strawberry Heritage is a Michigan-based songwriter John Hanson and his new album Overgrowth is due out on 29th of November. I’m very eager to hear Overgrowth, because I really liked his 2013 album The New Rise. The whole thing was very good and then there were some songs that I really loved. Bound To Separate is the first outtake from the forthcoming album and this definitely falls into that love category. I’ll get back to this in late November once I’ve heard the album, but the pre-order is now up on his Bandcamp and so is this excellent first single Bound To Separate.

Strawberry Heritage at Facebook

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