M. Lockwood Porter – How To Dream Again


M. Lockwood Porter from Berkeley, CA released his new album How To Dream Again a couple of weeks ago and it has been in heavy rotation ever since. The earlier albums Judah’s Gone (2013) and 27 (2014) were already rather convincing efforts and How To Dream Again takes this thing one step further. Besides still being a great blend of a large amount of first-class americana songwriting and a small share of good old rock’n’roll, the album tackles hard but true issues like social injustices in a very beautiful and moving fashion. This is like a theme running through the album although you will also stumble into some gorgeous love songs along the way. The album is now out on Black Mesa Records (USA) and Hidden Trail Records (UK/Europe). Here are a couple of amazing songs from the album. Reach the Top might not be the hit or even the song that I will listen the most times from this album, but damn that one strikes hard when you really listen to it and pay attention. Excellent songwriting.

And the music video for the album opener American Dreams Denied.

M. Lockwood Porter Website

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Aaron Lee Tasjan – Memphis Rain (video)


The release of Aaron Lee Tasjan’s new album and first one on New West Records is getting closer and there’s another magnificent song from the album out there. Silver Tears hits the record stores and our hearts on October 28th and this is the new music video for a song called Memphis Rain.

Aaron Lee Tasjan Website

This latter half 2016 is going to be incredible for the ones who are even a little bit interested in things like folk, country and americana. We just got new ones from John Calvin Abney, Courtney Marie Andrews, Tim Easton, Wesley Randolph Eader, M.Lockwood Porter… and soon-ish there will be new albums from ALT, Bonnie Whitmore, Matt Woods, Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster, Zachary Lucky, Drive-by Truckers, John K.Samson, Two Cow Garage.. Then there’s Kent Eugene Goolsby in December and bunch of stuff that I forgot to list right now or I’m not even aware of yet. I’m already having nightmares of the albums of the year list I do every year. I have to do a top 100, if I want to include everything that I have truly enjoyed.

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Kirty – Kirty


Kirty is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter and her new self-titled album came out on 23rd of September on Postwar Records. I found her 2012 album a year or two ago and I really liked what I heard. I never ended up buying a copy, because there was always so much new stuff to buy and I don’t have the money to buy everything I desire. However, I did became a follower on the social media pages and decided that when she releases something new I’m going to buy it and will feature it on this blog as long as I like it as much. The new album became available a couple of days ago, I bought a download and it didn’t take me very long to figure out that I’m still very fond of her songs. This is a bit more pop than the debut, but I don’t have anything against that. There’s a lot of wonderful songs like Take The Band, Letting You Down and Be My Friend Again. This is the first single That’s Not Me that isn’t my biggest favorite on the album, but obviously still pretty great.

Kirty Website

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Tuns – Tuns


I think I have to live up to that pop part of the subtitle every now and then. Lately Canadian supergroup Tuns have been in charge of giving me the heavy dose of pop melodies that I need in order to function as a living being (and Teenage Fanclub too of course). Tuns are Chris Murphy (Sloan), Matt Murphy (Super Friendz, The Flashing Lights), Mike O’Neill (The Inbreds + great solo albums), so I knew I was going to like this even before hitting the play button. These are people I adore. Mike’s been a big favourite over the past few years and I’ve bought all the solo stuff + most of The Inbreds catalog. I do have a hole in my pop education when it comes The Super Friendz, but The Flashing Lights album Where The Change Is? was on heavy rotation 15 or so years ago. And the name of this website is actually a homage to Sloan and one of my all-time favourite albums, so my Sloan addiction is fairly obvious. Occasionally I wonder if they might have something against that this site is called One Chord to Another. If I had known 15 years ago that I will still be doing this in 2016 and more than some of my friends know this blog/website, I might have double checked that it’s ok with them. I did send them an email about it, but I’m not sure did it ever reach them. Well if it ever comes an issue and Sloan wants me to change it, I’ll do that asap. Drop the “to another” part or something.

But enough with all that nostalgic stuff. Time to move 2016 and celebrate the new Tuns album that sounds rather perfect to my ears. It’s filled with great singing, beautiful melodies and catchy pop tunes. These guys haven’t lost their ability to create pop magic and this is far more than just some nice side project. Grab this and the new TFC album and the dark fall nights will feel a whole lot brighter. The album is now out on Royal Mountain Records. Here’s Throw It All Away and the music video for the song Mind Over Matter.

Tuns Website

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