Tom Brosseau – You Can’t Stop (video)


Tom Brosseau’s new album North Dakota Impressions came out on Crossbill Records on 16th of September. It’s a gorgeous end to his trilogy of albums that started with Grass Punks (2014) and Perfect Abandon (2015). I highly recommend listening to all of them. I think I’m going to devote an evening or two to listen the whole trilogy with headphones and only focusing to the music. Resting in the arms of this music for a few hours might be just what I need to recoup and rewind. I posted this song You Can’t Stop a while back, but now there’s also a lovely music video for the song. This is Tom Brosseau with You Can’t Stop.

Tom Brosseau Website

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Anna Tivel – Heroes Waking Up


I purchased this beauty of an album months ago and there’s a huge burden in my back, because I haven’t even mentioned it. Time to get that burden off, because my muscles are sore enough as they are. Anna Tivel is a songwriter from Portland, Oregon and her third album Heroes Waking Up came out in May on the always great Fluff and Gravy label. The album is full of moving songs, stories and characters. Excellent songwriting and extremely captivating music and my mind sort of sets up a visual scenery for these songs to take place. Here are a few examples from Heroes Waking Up. You can grap/listen the whole thing on her Bandcamp.

Anna Tivel Website

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Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster – Constant Stranger


Another exhausting 13 hour work day. I think I need to start searching for a new job before this thing will wear me out completely. Thankfully there’s always music that can take care of the tired mind and will grant some reprieve to all this nonsense that one has to do to get by. I don’t have the energy for a long blog post, but this was a mighty good release Friday once again. New ones from Drive-By Truckers, Freschard, Luke Winslow-King and this solo debut from Water Liars frontman Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster. The album Constant Stranger came out today 30th of September on Big Legal Mess and it sounds absolutely wonderful to me. Just what I needed right now and I’m fairly sure this constant stranger will soon turn into a friend that I hold dear. This is an excellent song called Laid Low from the album.

JPKS Website

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