The Micragirls


The Micragirls is about to release their second album Wild Girl Walk on 9th of september. I’m looking forward to this garage rock’n’roll blast. It should be a whole lot of fun. Summer’s gone/Girl Go Crazy download single is out now exclusively at Bone Voyage Shop. You can listen the a-side (can you say that about download-single) also on their myspace. It’s actually a great pop song and should appeal to pop fans as well. No wonder I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and perhaps my favourite The Micragirls song so far. I do like that garage rock stuff a lot as well, but well pop music is the thing that is closest to my heart and therefore I wouldn’t mind if there were more songs like Summer’s Gone on Wild Girl Walk. However, I promise not to be too dissapointed, if there aren’t because I’m fairly confident it will be a really good record no matter what.

The Micragirls Website
The Micragirls at myspace
Bone Voyage shop

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Kaspar’s debut album will be released today 19th of august. Needless to say that I will make a trip to the record store when I wake up (it’s 2 am now). In case you are wondering what is Kaspar, it’s the new band formed by John McGregor, Mikael Hakkarainen and Tuomas Hakkarainen and they recorded this debut album in New York with producer Malcolm Burn. In case you are wondering what they sound like, there’s several songs from the album on their myspace and the music video of the first single Phoenix is below. In case you are wondering are they any good, I would say that they are great eventhough I have not heard the album. In case you are wondering, why I don’t stop writing this bullshit and let you concentrate on the music.. well I don’t have a clue..


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College Fall (aus) in Finland + FOTM summer edition


Australian College Fall is currently on an european tour and therefore Flavour Of The Month club decided to organize a summer edition of FOTM. The event will take place at Pikku-Torre, Turku on 27th of june. College Fall will share the stage with Nopat and Jaakko Söderström (Ben’s Diapers frontman’s first solo gig). College Fall will also play in Helsinki at Liberte on 1st of July where they are supporting Mother Goose.

Oh.. and new College Fall album The Curse Of Us will be released next october.

College Fall Website
College Fall at myspace

COLLEGE FALL in Finland:

la 27.6.
Flavour Of The Month-klubi, Pikku-Torre, Turku, 3€, klo 21-03
with Nopat ja Jaakko Söderström, FOTM DJ:t

ke 1.7.
Liberte, Helsinki
Supporting Mother Goose

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