Favorite Finnish EPs of 2023

Next up favorite Finnish EPs of the year. I was a bit lazy and only did a top 5 here. Some might not be into EPs, but they can be pretty sweet and actually the first two here are probably even among my five favorite Finnish releases this year altogether. Haamusoittajat probably could have been on the album list too, because even though it’s just six songs, the total length is over 30 minutes. So I don’t really know is it an EP or an album, but what I do know is that it’s wonderful and I love it to bits. Then there’s the lovely Söpöily-EP from one of my favorite artists of the last two years ITE EEROLA. I’ve listened the last song Pehmeelle pojalle well over hundred times. Mild obsession there I suppose and my Finnish song of the year along with 3-4 cuts from the Kristiina album. I couldn’t really decide between the two, so ITE EEROLA and Haamusoittajat can share the EP of the year honors. My blog so I can bend the rules a little bit.

Anyway, here are all five favorite Finnish EPs of 2023. All of them are gorgeous. I didn’t make a separate playlist for these and instead added them to the earlier Finnish albums playlist.

Apple playlist
Tidal playlist
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5. Heartjet – Believe

4. Ilmi Lupiini – Enneunia

3. Too Slow – Honey Vinegar

1. Haamusoittajat – Yhteytys

1. ITE EEROLA – Söpöily-EP (Panama-levyt)

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20 Favorite EPs of 2023

Year end routine continues with my favorite international EPs. Same story here. There’s some sort of vague order, but it’s kind of arbitrary. Might as well be alphabetical. Playlist on Tidal, Apple and Spotify. Bandcamp/youtube embeds only on top three, because the page slows down if there’s a million embeds. At least Finnish EPs still to come. We’ll see if I manage to do song lists.

Apple Playlist
Spotify Playlist
Tidal Playlist

20 Favorite EPs of 2023

20. Kendall Lujan – Kendall Lujan (American Standard Time Records)

19. Leeann Skoda, Sie Sie Benhoff, Dylan Rodrigue – Living Room Sessions

18. Corinne Sharlet – Belief and Imagination

17. Elijah Ocean – Rodeo Songs

16. Model Shop – Check the Forecast (Meritorio Records)

15. Maya De Vitry – Infinite (Mad Maker Studio)

14. Drew Beskin & The Sunshine – Garrett (Super Canoe)

13. Matthew McNeal – Love Was (Matte Black Sound Company)

12. Matt Moran – Oklahoma Vernacular

11. Dogwood Tales – Rodeo (WarHen Records)

10. Theo Lawrence – A Country Mile (Tomika / Modulor)

9. Hutchie – The Falcon Sessions

8. Reyes – Lay It All Down

7. Opal Eskar – Opal Eskar (Spiral Valley)

6. Emmett Morris – Emerald

5. Matt Paxton & The Pintos – Tornado (Down by the Point Records)

4. Little Mazarn – Honey Island General Store (Double Yolk Record House)

3. Mark Tegio – Marie

2. Nydia Gonzalez – Nydia Gonzalez

1. Lady Apple Tree – Lady Apple Tree

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30 Favorite Finnish Albums of 2023

The year end routine continues with the Finnish albums of the Year. A good year of Finnish music again and even though the list is fairly long, I still had to leave out a lot of good albums. As usual, this is list is 100% subjective. I do not try to cover everything and make any kind of objective best Finnish albums of the year list. It’s just my favorites and the music that I loved during the year. I did put the numbers there, but it’s kind of arbitrary. Album of the year was obvious, because that’s the album I loved by far the most in 2023 even if you take all countries into consideration. #2 was pretty set as well, but after that I could easily move albums up or down 5 spots and be just as happy with the list. Music is love, not a competition.

There’s a playlist link with one song each, if you are into such things. An easy way to give an introduction, but do try to the buy music that really matters to you. If you are able to do that of course. Food, rent and staying alive are always more important no matter how hard one wants to support the arts. Oh and I was lazy and didn’t write any blurbs, but I think most of you would only check the albums on the list anyway. Bandcamp embeds only for top three, because otherwise the page just slows down.

Apple playlist
Tidal playlist
Spotify playlist


30. Orvokki – Kasvotusten (Luova Records)

29. Vulvarutto – Raivosaatana (Panama-levyt)

28. Rock Siltanen Group – Rokkimunkki (Rockia ja sporttia)

27. Ne Galaktiset – Ne Galaktiset (Helmi Levyt)

26. Sepänkadun Köyhät & Nöyryytetyt – Hyvästit pojille (Panama-levyt)

25. Vuoret – Huomenna rauha ehkä (Rolling Records)

24. Janne Tapion Sisäinen Avaruus – Jättiläisen tasku (Iso Pinkki / Eclipse)

23. Lätsä – II (Helmi Levyt)

22. Kalevi Suopursu – Uneton Vantaalla (Helmi Levyt)

21. Joose Keskitalo – Oh, Our Slow Designs (Helmi Levyt)

20. Arppa – Valeria (Johanna Kustannus)

19. Ulla Kolla – Jäätie (Helmi Levyt)

18. Janne Westerlund – Talvikaravaani (If Society)

17. Maustetytöt – Maailman onnellisin kansa (Is This Art!)

16. Tinyhawk & Bizzarro – Nekorok (Humu Records)

15. Jenna-Marie Laine – Vapaapudotus

14. A.Takalo – Kuva taivaasta (Salatut elämät)

13. Fernet Underground – Esimerkkejä yksinäisyydestä (Kynsinauhat)

12. Liila Jokelin – Saapuu sankarina kevät (Helmi Levyt)

11. MeriTuuli – Runot (Eclipse)

10. Lau Nau – Aphrilis (Fonal Records)

9. Krypta – Outo Laakso (Svart)

8. Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L – Credo (Rockadillo Records)

7. Salaliitto – Portaat (Salalevyt)

6. Teini-Pää – Sata syytä aloittaa (Soit Se Silti)

5. Ite Eerola – Kolmen päivän levy II & III (Panama-levyt)

4. Laura Moisio – Vieras maa (Texicalli)

3. Tanssiva Karhu – Luonnossa (Alakulttuuritalo)

2. Hulda Huima – Muurahaiset nukkuu (Minna Records)

1. Kristiina – Palavan rakkauden aika (Humu Records / Hillotehdas)

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