News: Penniless & Lemonator


New album Shake Shake Shake out and available right now.

Lemonator Website
Lemonator at myspace


New album A Cab To The City out and available right now.

Penniless Website
Penniless at myspace

(sorry that I didn’t write anything more. I have the flu and I’m tired. However, I love both of these bands, I’m extremely excited about these new albums and these albums will most likely get a lot of high praises on this blog in the not-so-distant future. Now I’ll put just hit the play button on the new Lemonator album and try to shake this flu out of my body.)

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News & Video of the Day #15: Penniless

There’s some good times going on at the moment, if you are into finnish pop and rock music. The new Sweatmaster album that came out two days ago is absolutely wonderful and next wednesday 1st of september will deliver two hopefully (and most likely) magnificent pop albums, because new Penniless album and new Lemonator album will hit the stores and your heart. This is a brand new video Hail Of Bullets from the upcoming Penniless album A Cab To The City. I love it and will be camping outside the record store to get the album early on wednesday morning. If you watch this, I will probably meet you there.

Penniless Website

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