Review: The Avery Set – Returning to Steam

The Avery Set: Returning To Steam (2009)

I recently joined Reviewshine. It’s a place where bands/labels/promoters can easily send digital promos to bloggers. I can fully recommend it, because I’ve been enjoying it a lot. The only problem is that even my tiny, unprofessional blog has gotten well over hundred submissions in the past two months and to be able to go through them all properly, I think I need to have more lives than a cat. Therefore it’s important to leave a good first impression and Nashville-based The Avery Set did just that with their excellent single Blown Away. After being blown away by this country-flavoured Jellyfish, I knew I had to download the whole album. The reason why the word Jellyfish constantly comes into my mind while listening to The Avery Set is that the singer/songwriter Chris Zehnder’s voice reminds me of Andy Sturmer. It could be just me, but to me their vocals sound so similar occasionally. Not that I mind at all. I freakin’ love Jellyfish and The Avery Set is certainly flirting with my heart so openly that I might not be able to resist their charm much longer and eventually will fall for them as well.  Returning To Steam is  full of country-tinged rock songs that range from playful and incredibly catchy to beautiful and instantly moving.  It’s not entirely flawless and there’s a few songs that I’m not that big fan of. Nevertheless, Returning To Steam is mostly very impressive effort and The Avery Set is able to provide enjoyable moments to both indie rock hipsters and followers. I might need to buy a physical copy as well..


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