News: The Wonderminers

The Wonderminers have finished the recordings of their debut album and are currently looking for a label to release it. While waiting for a suitable label picking up this future pop classic, The Wonderminers opened their brand new website and are giving away the first track of the album for free. It’s called Good News and it sounds wonderful.

The Wonderminers Website

Photo by Appu Jasu
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Nopat, The Wonderminers & Beacon St. Radiants

Your blogger made a huge mistake, went to nostalgic mode and installed CM 01-02 back to his computer. If you know the game, you are aware that it has a tendency to destroy one’s social life and take control of all your spare time. While I’m trying to quit and become more active blogger, you can listen to these great bands below.

Nopat, The Wonderminers and Beacon Street Radiants have all added some new songs to their myspaces. They are wonderful bands and eventhough these are only demos or unfinished mixes, they sound bloody great to me.

Nopat at myspace
The Wonderminers at myspace
Beacon Street Radiants at myspace

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