Review: Ben’s Diapers – Up In The Mountains, Deep In The Sea

Ben’s Diapers: Up in the Mountains, Deep in the Sea (Rhythm Barrel Records / Plastic Passion, 2010)

Ben’s Diapers released their latest album Up in the Mountains, Deep in the Sea several months ago in early 2010, and I’m rather ashamed that it took me this long to actually write a review about it.  Their focus is still on the country-tinged power pop and, but it does seem that the band is nowadays more than willing to make their musical scale a little wider and does throw a couple of curve balls to the prejudiced listeners in the process. However, the Elton John of the 70s playing borderline cheesy AM pop & piano ballads type of thing does work and add some nice versatility to the album. If that still sounded a little scary, here’s a quick antidote. Thank You Girls is a great rocker with a sing-along chorus in the vein of Cheap Trick.. or even early KISS.  These two examples were still in the minority and mostly Ben’s Diapers serves high quality pop music where the main ingredients are powerful playing, beautiful harmonies and catchy-as-hell melodies. And when a fair share of it is spiced up with some country flavours, this customer is definitely happy and ready to order more.

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