Top 10 Finnish songs of the year 2013

10. Janne Laurila & Tuhlaajapojat – Taika haihtuu pois

This one almost slipped out, because it came out very early in the year. The whole Janne Laurila & Tuhlaajapojat album was really good, but I especially loved this opening track Taika haihtuu pois.

9. Gim Kordon – Ei ole helppoo

I really love this early demo version of Ei ole helppoo. Even more than the second Gim Kordon that soon followed. But a real indie kid loves the first rough demo song of course. It’s all downhill from here haha. I still have high expectations for the debut album due out next year on Soliti.

8. The New Tigers – Secondary City

My favourite song from the second The New Tigers album The Badger that will appear on the album list as well.

7. Ochre Room – Garbage Trucks Are On The Move

First outtake from the forthcoming Ochre Room album due out spring 2014. One of my most anticipated albums of the year 2014.

6. Koria Kitten Riot – Between a Pillow and a Soft Place

The second outtake from the excellent forthcoming Koria Kitten Riot album that will hit the stores in January 2014.

5. The Lieblings – She Motorway

Classic Coma from the excellent The Lieblings debut Take Us To Your Leader

4. Hills (Of Vaasa) – It Was There

Classic Coma part 2 from the Hills (Of Vaasa) digital single.

3. Nicolas Kivilinna – Rauhattoman rukous

I’m not a very logical person. I left Eino Leino -EP by Nicolas Kivilinna out from the EP list only because it didn’t feel right to include something that I haven’t bought. However, I wasn’t able to leave the lead song Rauhattoman rukous out from this list, because I’ve been listening to it a lot online and think it’s just so utterly wonderful.

2. Samae Koskinen – Hullu nainen

Hyvä päivä is not my favourite Samae Koskinen album (Ok, still a great one and easily among my top 10 Finnish albums of the year), but this song. Everything about this song from that Kaseva-like verse to that awesome chrous. I love it. I had this as #1 for a long time, but during the last week or two something sneaked past it.

1. Topi Saha – Kolme veljee

At first, Topi Saha’s second album Kolme veljee felt like a minor disappointment. In some sense I still feel like the album could have been even better. Which might sound like a really odd statement after you’ve red my upcoming Finnish albums of the year list. Anyway, this is the song list and there’s plenty of wonderful songs on this one. There might be several worthy of that Finnish song of the year award, but during the recent weeks it has become clear to me that the title goes to the amazing title song Kolme veljee.

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