Hallelujah The Hills – Have You Ever Done Something Evil?


Greg who runs the blog called Captains Dead is one of the few bloggers whose taste I trust almost as much as my own. Of course I don’t like everything he recommends, but you can be 100% sure that if he is recommending something that I don’t already know, I’m definitely going to check it out and see if I like it myself. What does this all have to do with Hallelujah The Hills? Well obviously Greg is the man who turned me into them. This first happened when the previous album No One Knows What Happens Next came out and have continued when the new album Have You Ever Done Something Evil? was released a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to Greg and his enthusiasm I’ve eventually ended up buying both of them.

The Hallelujah The Hills is a Boston-area indie rock band and this new album Have You Ever Done Something Evil? was released on 13th of May, 2014. Even though I really liked the previous one, I was never that passionate about it. These first few days with this new one seem to be indicate that I’ve certainly found that passion now. For example that combo of Try This Instead and Destroy This Poem in the early parts of the album is just awesome and one of my favourite moments on any record this year. I’m kind of a down-to-earth guy and I often hate when songs grow into something bigger in the end, but oh how I love how songs by Hallelujah The Hills can so effortlessly grow into catchy-as-hell singalong choruses. Some of the longer ones aren’t as instantly catchy, but they are equally rewarding when you get into them. This is a damn fine record and you can easily buy it/listen to it on their bandcamp. This one is Destroy This Poem followed by a music video of Do You Have Romantic Courage?. You can find both from the new Hallelujah The Hills album.

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