Taylor Knox – Running Into Love (video)

Lately I’ve let things slide and haven’t done anything blog-related. Unfortunately this doesn’t pay the bills and I just haven’t found the energy for this after coming home from the dayjob and I’ve spent the little spare time I’ve had just lying on the couch watching hockey games. Somewhere along the way I also lost the spark a little bit and have really struggled to convince myself that it’s worth it to still carry on. I’m sure I’ll get things back on track again, but no idea will it take me days, weeks or months. Maybe a little tongue-in-cheek worst case scenario for the blog is similar to the break up of my all-time favorite band The Posies. So that onechord.net as an active way of life might be over, but it won’t completely disappear and I will keep on writing whenever I feel like it.

On the other hand. F#&= everything I just said. There’s still the songs and the love I have for the songs. So let’s do this. Today I found out that huge personal favourite Canadian Taylor Knox is getting ready to release his debut album and I again felt the need to share this news with the world or the seven regular readers that I still have. Lines EP that came out a couple of years ago was brilliant and I have huge expectations for this new Afie Jurvanen-produced album. The first outtake Running Into Love is a really wonderful pop song and I can’t wait to hear the rest when the album Love drops into our hearts on 9th of June. This is Running Into Love. Thanks Taylor for giving back the spark.

Taylor Knox Website

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