Micah Schnabel – Your New Norman Rockwell

A long time favourite Micah Schnabel dropped a new solo album yesterday. Your New Norman Rockwell is a great addition to the Micah Schnabel collection that contains both excellent solo albums and bunch of albums with his rock’n’roll band Two Cow Garage. The new album contains a lot of passionate spoken word songs that turn out to be just as impressive as Two Cow Garage’s energetic rock anthems. The only possible issue that might rise in the future is that the albums spoken word folk poetry side might not stand the test of excessive repetitive listening as well Two Cow’s (should-be) hits. I’m not going to worry about what will happen in a few months time though, because at the moment the album feels and sounds extremely powerful, thought-provoking and impressive. Here’s the first single Jazz and Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the video for album cut called The Interview. The album is now out on Last Chance Records in the states (probably on At The Helm in Europe).

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