One Chord To Another Mid-Year 2017 Playlist

I’m not sure am I going to do a mid-year best of lists. Probably not worth it. However, I did do a mid-year playlist. It’s mostly for myself, but I’ll post it here as well in case someone wants to take a listen. It’s already ridiculously long and I owe a beer to anyone who actually listens to it all way through. It’s not a definite best of the year list either. I’m sure I forgot a lot of stuff and several important ones like Leah Senior, Will Johnson, Fiver, Guy Capecelatro III aren’t available on Spotify. This is still a little under construction, but I’ll post it now, because the next work week will be horribly busy and I probably won’t have time to make it better. I might fix the order of the songs sometime later, because now there’s not a good flow and the songs are in completely random order and therefore it’s a little all over the place. I also might add another 20 when I notice what I forgot. Anyway, here are some 2017 songs that matter to me. Songs that I hold dear.

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