Topi Saha – Lopunajan rakastavaiset

Finnish folk songwriter Topi Saha released his latest album Lopunajan rakastavaiset on the 16th of March (vinyl delayed until 6th of April). I’ve spent the weekend blissfully stuck in the comfort of the final song Valo tulee alhaalta. I’ve only skimmed through the rest of this most likely great album, because here I am rebuilding my heart and thought process with this song on repeat. There are few lines here that capture my daily inner feelings almost frighteningly precisely. Topi Saha sure knows how to write a perfect ending to an album. Helsingin taivas was a glorious end to the previous album Nykyaika and Valo tulee alhaalta does the same for Lopunajan rakastavaiset. I love this song wholeheartedly.

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