The Perfectos – Songbirds & Wolves


Why aren’t The Perfectos the famous? I really love this stuff. I first got into The Perfectos through John Davey. He was a guest at Youngblood podcast and he chatted about The Perfectos with the host(s). Then they played this song:

Ok, that might not be the second coming of the Christ or anything like that, but it’s a damn wonderful pop song and that’s all I needed to hear. I picked up everything from their Bandcamp, paid a few dollars and after that I’ve been a fan of The Perfectos. They are from Kentucky and have released four releases that are all truly enjoyable. Their 2014 release is called Songbirds & Wolves and this is a little different from (but equally magnificent) that rockin’ power pop of Better Off This Way. Here’s a pretty song from the new EP called Portrait.

The Perfectos at Facebook

And because John Davey led me to this, I suppose it would be a good thing to post a song from John’s wonderful new album Living is Trying. This has been one of my favourites during this fall/early winter and most likely will appear on my end of the year list when I make them later in December. This is the opener Left Arm from the new John Davey album.

John Davey at Facebook

I really love finding new music with the help of artists I love and this was a perfect example. Sometimes I think that I should try to make some sort of artist’s choice column where my favourite musicians would recommend their own favourite songwriters/bands. Ok, not exactly original idea and I’m not sure would musicians have any interest in wasting their time recommending someone else’s music instead of chatting about their own. This is probably not going to happen, but it’s something that I would personally love.

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