St. Lenox – Don’t Ever Change Me New York City (single/video)

This has been a week of St. Lenox for me and I’ve spent hours listening to his music. I’ve been vaguely familiar for a couple of years and I’m ashamed that it took me this long to start really paying attention to his music. My loss, because it turns out that I absolutely love his music and well I’m almost obsessed with his soulful and socially aware art pop.

St. Lenox aka Andrew Choi is an indie pop singer-songwriter from NYC and his new album Ten Fables of Young Ambition and Passionate Love is due out on the 28th of September on Anyway Records. However, the first single and the song that started this St. Lenox crush is already out and available. So let’s begin by sharing the gorgeous Don’t Ever Change Me New York City and the music video that came with it. I know you might get lost in the greatness of the song, but also remember to watch and read the story in the video about grassroot involvement in politics and how small changes are important.

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