OCTA Music Weekly – Episode #128

Another week, another new music weekly.

A mighty good release week especially on the rootsier side of things, because we got new albums from Esther Rose, Queen Esther, Sunny War, Dillon Warnek, Hunter Hicks and an EP from James Steinle. Some mighty good pop records too from Tuns, Tim Cohen (this is not yet on Spotify, so there’s one of the singles on the playlist) and Stoner Control. Albums by Minor Moon and Renee Reed are also big gems. Other album treasures this week came from Miko Marks, Jess Locke, AJ Fullerton, Max Kasch, Fretland, The Peacers, Justin Rutledge and Shabason, Krgovich & Harris. There’s also a month old album by Kyle Edward Connolly that I just found today and really liked it on quick listen.

On the Finnish side of things the big one is the new wonderful Kielo Kärkkäinen single. Other gems this week are new singles from The New Magnetic North, Lyyti, Mosaiikkisiipi (this was a one that I forgot to include last week, shame on me) and Sarparanta. There’s also another tune from the excellent AK-77 album plus a small visit to 2020 with Jesse Hasty & The Haywires. Turns out Jesse from one of my favorite new Finnish bands Teini-Pää also has a more country-tinged band and they released a couple EPs last year. He also has C86-influenced band CF7 that just released their first single. That is only available on bandcamp.

Finally the international singles. There’s new treasures from the forthcoming albums by Vanessa Peters, Jesse Aycock and Joe Kaplow. Canadian singer-songwriter and liner note hero Nick Ferrio also released a moving new song. Liner note hero means that very often when I fell in love with new Canadian artists and start to do some research, Nick’s name comes up somewhere along the way. Last year that happened with Joey O’Neil and Evangeline Gentle for example. Great to hear new Nick Ferrio songs as well. There’s also more treats such as new Jacob Miller single, First single from the forthcoming Muppets cover album by Kyle Cox, Hannah Juanita song, Rosie Tucker’s Epitaph debut, new Peter Doran that features Haley Heynderickx and a Spanish single from Paper Beat Scissors lots of others.

That’s all for this week. Sorry in advance for forgetting something. Last week it was Mosaiikkisiipi, this week it’s something else. If you want to submit something for this (I will only include songs that I like), I recommend doing it on the release week. I don’t have time to go through emails that came weeks before when I compile this. Even if it was sent on monday, it might be buried under several hundred messages. Also my apologies for being absolutely horrible at answering emails. It’s a tough task to keep up, because this is just a hobby and the day job takes most of the time and energy. I wish I could find some way to manage that submission side, because I do want to be reached, but don’t want to do submithub or anything like that. Love from a distance.

1. Esther Rose – How Many Times (How Many Times, Full Time Hobby / Father / Daughter Records, 2021)
2. Queen Esther – The Whiskey Wouldn’t Let Me Pray (Gild the Black Lily, 2021)
3. Sunny War – It’s Name Is Fear (Simple Syrup, Hen House Studios, 2021)
4. Dillon Warnek – Tuesday, the 5th (Now That It’s All OVer, Unsigned Records, 2021)
5. Vanessa Peters – Modern Age (single, Idol Records, 2021)
6. Jesse Aycock – Past Life (single, Horton Records, 2021)
7. Tuns – In Another Life (Duly Noted, Murderecords, 2021)
8. Tim Cohen – Rage On (You Are Still Here, Bobo Integral, 2021)
9. Stoner Control – The Best Thing (Sparkle Endlessley, 2021)
10. Minor Moon – Under an Ocean Of Holes (Tethers, 2021)
11. Nick Ferrio – The Dam (single, 2021)
12. Hunter Hicks – Hound (Hunter Hicks, 2021)
13. James Steinle – Broken Things (Same Ol’ Stuff EP, 2021)
14. The New Magnetic North – Foxes on the Run (single, 2021)
15. Joe Kaplow – How Old Is My Soul (single, Fluff & Gravy Records, 2021)
16. Miko Marks & The Resurrectors – Hard Times (Our Country, Redtone Records, 2021)
17. Renee Reed – I Saw a Ghost (Renee Reed, Keeled Scales, 2021)
18. Kielo Kärkkäinen – Ajattele tulevaa (single, Texicalli Records, 2021)
19. Mosaiikkisiipi – Helpompaa on silmät sulkea (single, McVius Records, 2021)
20. Lyyti – Puhalla ja toivo (single, Luova Records, 2021)
21. Rosie Tucker – Habanero (single, Epitaph, 2021)
22. Jess Locke – Living For the Living (Don’t Ask Yourself Why, Dot Dash Recordings, 2021)
23. Samantha Crain – Malachi, Goodbye (single, Real Kind Records, 2021)
24. Jacob Miller – Tricks (single, Sit at Home Records, 2021)
25. Kyle Cox – Rainbow Connection (single, 2021)
26. Peter Doran feat Haley Heynderickx – Blue Mountains (single, 2021)
27. Melissa Erin – Whay You Gonna Do? (single, 2021)
28. Hannah Juanita – Call Yourself My Man? (single, 2021)
29. Parker Millsap – Dammit (single, Okrahoma Records, 2021)
30. AJ Fullerton – Healing Takes Time (The Forgiver and the Runaway, 2021)
31. Oliver Wood – Fine Line (single, Honey Jar Records, 2021)
32. Ben Pirani – Dreamin’s For Free (single, Colemine Records, 2021)
33. Holy Hive – I Don’t Envy Yesterdays (single, Big Crown Records, 2021)
34. Jesse Malin – The Way We Used to Roll (single, Wicked Cool Records, 2021)
35. Austin Lucas – Already Dead – Acoustic (single, Sabotage Records, 2021)
36. Paper Beat Scissors – Formas (single, Seayou Records, 2021)
37. Monnone Alone – Feel It Disappearing (single, Meritorio Records, 2021)
38. Kyle Edward Connolly – Get Me Tomorrow (On Arrival, Hand Drawn Dracula, 2021)
39. Bill MacKay & Nathan Bowles – Dowsing (single, Drag City, 2021)
40. Jesse Hasty & The Haywires – Brittle (II EP, Hasty Records, 2020)
41. Max Kasch – Down the Line (Max Kasch, By and By Records, 2021)
42. The Peacers – Ms Ela Stanyon’s School of Acting (Blexxed Rec, Drag City, 2021)
43. Blue Cactus – Rebel (single, Sleepy Cat Records, 2021)
44. Katie Jo – Pawn Shop Queen (single, Fossil Water Records, 2021)
45. Hannah White & The Nordic Connections – Walk Beside Me (single, Paper Blue Records, 2021)
46. Jason Eady – Back to Normal (single, Old Guitar Records, 2021)
47. Fretland – Could Have Loved You (Could Have Loved You, Soundly Music, 2021)
48. Justin Rutledge – St. Peter (Islands, Outside Music, 2021)
49. Spencer Thomas – Confused (single, Muscle Beach Records, 2021)
50. Sarparanta – Aavemaisemaa (single, Fullsteam Records, 2021)
51. Melissa Mary Ahern – Stone by Stone (single, Fat Cat Records, 2021)
52. Melissa Carper – Old Fashioned Gal (Daddy’s Country Gold, 2021)
53. AK-77 – Sokeritytön Blues (Lowdown kryptoniitti Blues, 2021)
54. Sarah King – Poison (Poison EP, 2021)
55. Michael Feuerstack – Harmonize the Moon (Harmonize the Moon, Forward Music Group, 2021)
56. Shabason, Krgovich and Harris – Sometimes I Think That I Know (Florence, Idee Fixe Records, 2021)

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