OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #215

Another year, another week, another new music weekly.

An earlier return than I anticipated, but better get back to it because it’s so easy to let things slide and so damn difficult to start again. This one has both brand new 2023 songs and stuff from late 2022 when this thing was on hold. I’m sure a bunch of cool things from late 2022 is missing, because I didn’t make enough notes. Sorry about that.

The brand new ones this week are EPs from Thorsten Nesch, Apollo Flowerchild, North Atlantic Explorers and an album from Wes Tirey (well a reissue). From the 2022 we have albums from Lily Talmers, Zach Bryson, Rattlesnake Milk, Raymond Richards, Dad Weed, Grotoko and The Hackles.

From the Finnish side of things, the big one is the return of Heartjet. I highly recommended their new EP, if you are into power pop and other melodic things. Other early 2023 gems are singles from Fernet Underground, MeriTuuli and JYLHÄ. The late 2022 treasures include album from Pölykuu and singles from Sami Heikkilä, Tams, Tiny Hawk & Bizzarro, Modem and Tender Lakes.

Early 2023 international single gems include new ones from H.C. McEntire, Evangeline Gentle, Graham Nicholas, Juni Habel, Cat Clyde and Lemon Pitch. From late 2022 there’s such beauties like new songs from Libby DeCamp, Ellen Froese, Brower and Via Mardot. Again just to name a few.

That’s all for this week. That was mostly a quick round-up of things and most likely missed a ton. I try to get back to more usual broadcast next week. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. It all matters, if you want this to continue. Love from a distance.

1. Thorsten Nesch – Everything I Wanted (Everything I Wanted EP, Polterzeitgeist Records, 2023)
2. Apollo Flowerchild – Starting Line (While No Ones Watching EP, 2023)
3. Lily Talmers – Nearly Lovingly (My Mortal Wound, El Tee Records, 2022)
4. Zach Bryson – Over Dramatic (Beauty Songs for Sweet, 2022)
5. Wes Tirey – Serpent Mound (No Winners in the Blues, Full Spectrum Records, 2023)
6. Rattlesnake Milk – Die Young (Chicken Fried Snake, Feels So Good Records, 2022)
7. Graham Nicholas – Getting By With Less (single, 2023)
8. Libby DeCamp – Torch (single, Hylaphonic Sound, 2022)
9. North Atlantic Explorers – Beneath the Blanket of Stars (Vampires EP, 2023)
10. Raymond Richards feat Britta Phillips – House of Girls (A Coaxed Ghost, Lung Records, 2022)
11. Grotoko – Bedrooms (Periwinkle, 2022)
12. Evangeline Gentle – Gay Bar (single, 2023)
13. J.E. Sunde & Daniel Ellsworth – When We Come Together (single, 2022)
14. Dad Weed – Phone Call (High Time, Lil Hatchet Music, 2022)
15. Cat Clyde – I Feel It (single, Second Prize Records, 2023)
16. H.C. McEntire – Rows of Clover (single, Merge Records, 2023)
17. Juni Habel – Little Twirls (single, Koke Plate, 2023)
18. Ellen Froese – I Wish I Had a Foot-Long Cigarette (single, Victory Pool, 2022)
19. K.C. Jones – When You Were Mine (single, Valcour Records, 2022)
20. Eyelids – Colossal Waste of Light (single, Jealous Butcher Records, 2023)
21. Lemon Pitch – California Commando (single, Repeating Cloud, 2023)
22. Fernet Underground – Ajan kuvaa (single, Kynsinauhat, 2023)
23. Heartjet – Believe (Believe EP, 2023)
24. Tender Lakes – Love Supply (single, Tinder Mistakes, 2022)
25. Modem – Trabant (single, Modem Age Records, 2022)
26. Tams – Liian hauras (single, 2022)
27. Pölykuu – Uusi upea leikki (Mandala Fantasia, Suolavesi Records / Panama-levyt, 2022)
28. Tiny Hawk & Bizzarro – Yorokobi (single, Humu Records, 2022)
29. Sami Heikkilä – Tavallinen tarina (single, Tulli-levyt, 2022)
30. MeriTuuli – Yö saapuu (single, Eclipse Music, 2023)
31. JYLHÄ – Closing Doors (single, Lil’Beast Records, 2023)
32. The Hackles – Nighteyes by the Fire (Songs for the Fool EP, Jealous Butcher Records, 2022)
33. Gena Rose Bruce – Misery and Misfortune (single, Dot Dash Recordings, 2022)
34. Bobbie Lovesong – Watching from a Window (single, Woodsist, 2022)
35. Nighttime – When the Wind is Blowing (single, Ba Da Bing, 2023)
36. Tom Brosseau & Heidi Lynne Gluck – Sunflower (single, 2022)
37. Simon Linsteadt – Desolation (single, Stormy Deep Records, 2022)
38. Razor Braids – Nashville Again (single, 2023)
39. Sam Rae – Child of Love (single, 2022)
40. Sunny War – Baby Bitch (single, New West Records, 2022)
41. Brooks & Bowskill – Little Gem (single, 2022)
42. Will Quinlan – Blind Leads Blind (All the Light We Can’t See) (single, Ironweed Music Recordings, 2022)
43. Jarrod Dickenson – With Any Luck (single, Hooked Records, 2023)
44. Mark Erelli – Is It Enough (single, Soundly, 2023)
45. Good Good Blood – Johnny Was an Ocean Child (single, Fox Food Records, 2023)
46. Leo Walrus – Creeper Star (single, Evil Tree #3, 2022)
47. Brower – Where is the Magic? (single, Wick Records, 2022)
48. Dolour – Things Like This Help Me (single, 2022)
49. Alison Eales – Fifty-Five North (single, Fika Recordings, 2023)
50. Signe Marie Rustad – Waiting (single, Die With Your Boots On Records, 2023)
51. Emma Frank – Bad TV (single, Justin Time Records, 2023)
52. Via Mardot – Jollity (single, Hylaphonic Sound, 2022)

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