Matti Jasu is set to release a new album

Yeah! Matti Jasu will release an album sometime soon. I’m extremely excited, because the soundbites I’ve heard from this upcoming Matti Jasu & The Loose Train album so far have all been excellent. These include a couple of recording session videos. The great Fingers Crossed video already surfaced late last year, but if you missed that beauty back then, check it out on the brand new Matti Jasu website. This video I posted below is a new video from the same sessions entitled Flood Over the Gate. Marvellous stuff. More information (and another great song) at

Matti Jasu Website
Matti Jasu at Facebook

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Beachwood Sparks – The Tarnished Gold

Something to look forward to. The new Beachwood Sparks album The Tarnished Gold will hit the stores and my heart on the 26th of june. It will be a tough task to wait a month for this beauty. Beachwood Sparks is a band that I love dearly and especially the debut album holds a very special place in my heart. Canyon Ride and The Reminder. Oh my. They were truly stunning back then. Sweet harmonies, west coast country sounds and psychedelic pop melodies. Based on these two songs I’ve heard from the upcoming album, they are nowadays equally stunning. More about this when the album actually comes out. I just had to make an early start, because this is something that I’m extremely excited about.



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Album of the Month: Joe Pug – The Great Despiser

A couple of quick words about the latest album of the month, before it’s time to choose a new one (obviously one could and should write a master thesis or a novel about the greatness of this record). Anyway, Joe Pug’s second full-length The Great Despiser was a really easy choice for that album of the month slot on the right. The Great Despiser came out on Lightning Rod Records on april 24th and it was love at first sight.The debut album Messenger was already close to perfection (and the finest moments were perfect), but I’m loving this new one even more as a whole. Joe Pug from Chicago, Illinois is such a fantastic folk songwriter. The songs are instantly catchy and easy to enjoy right from the start, but they also hold a giant amount of lyrical depth & poetic devotion inside them. Without further ado, here are a couple of great examples of Joe Pug’s songwriting talent.

The Great Despiser:

One of Many live at Guild Lounge:

Joe Pug Website

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