Joutomies Aleksei – Joutomies Aleksei


I briefly mentioned folk band Joutomies Aleksei back in 2010 after hearing the song Kolmipäinen koira. I haven’t really followed them that closely during the recent years, but today I was on a coffee break at work and saw their FB status mentioning the release of a debut album. When I closed the factory door behind me, I searched it on Spotify and had the most enjoyable drive back home. I liked it so much that I couldn’t leave the car before the record was over. Burning unnecessary gasoline was not an option, but I just sat there in the parking lot listening to Joutomies Aleksei until it finished. I laughed a little, I cried a little and I liked it a lot. Joutomies Aleksei’s excellent debut album is out now on the small but excellent Ei-No Records. This is the opening track Kolmipäinen koira.


Joutomies Aleksei at Facebook

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Ochre Room – Other Side of the Town

Finnish folk rock / americana band Ochre Room has been a huge favourite of mine during the last couple of years and their forthcoming album is definitely one of my most anticipated 2014 releases. Thankfully I don’t have to wait much longer for it, because the album called Box, Bar & Diamond will hit the stores and our hearts in April. A new single Other Side of the Town came out yesterday and it sounds wonderful. This is the new music video for the song. Directed by Sami Pöyry / Monadi-Filmi.

Ochre Room – Other Side of the Town from Monadi-Filmi on Vimeo.

Ochre Room Website

(Ochre Room photo: Sami Pöyry, 2014)


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Swaying Wires – Fear Of Flying & Pelotons – Burrows


Finnish Swaying Wires signed a record deal with UK-based Battle Worldwide Recordings last year and their debut full-length Some Blue Sky will be released on 17th of March, 2014. This excellent digital single Fear Of Flying already came out few weeks ago. I look forward to the whole album. Record release party will be held at Dynamo, Turku on 21st of March.

Swaying Wires Website


I briefly wrote about Pelotons late last year, but I think writing the end-of-the-year lists kind of got in the way and I never mentioned the release of their beautiful Burrows EP. The members of Pelotons are Finnish Tina Kärkinen (Swaying Wires) and English Michael Gale (Co-Pilgrim). Their beautiful folk EP came out in December on Battle Wordwide Recordings. This is the title track Burrows.

Pelotons at Facebook

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