Flavour of the Month 5.10.2012 – Withered Hand (sco), Swaying Wires (+ Withered Hand Finland tour)

Flavour of the Month seem to be rather international these days. We have another international guest next Friday when wonderful Scottish folk singer-songwriter Dan Willson aka Withered Hand will share the stage with a great local group Swaying Wires. Withered Hand’s new 10″ EP Inbetweens will also get a Finnish release through Lumpeela Julkaisut in october and Withered Hand celebrates their upcoming massive stardom in Finland by playing three shows in Finland. The full Withered Hand Finland tour schedule is:

Thu 04.10. Telakka, Tampere
Fri 05.10. FOTM, Pikku-Torre, Turku (with Swaying Wires)
Sat 06.10. Korjaamo, Helsinki

This is the beautiful title track of the new EP Inbetweens:

I’m also excited to finally see Swaying Wires live. I still really like their demo songs that you can find from soundcloud. This one is entitled Brings Me Home.

And you’ll need a couple of Finnish lessons to read the rest.


Lokakuun Flavour Of The Month-illan artistivieraina kuullaan skotlantilaista, taiteilijanimellä Withered Hand esiintyvää Dan Willsonia sekä turkulaista Swaying Wires-yhtyettä. Aktit nousevat lavalle FOTMin kotiluolassa Pikku-Torressa perjantaina 5.10.

Edinburghilainen folktrubaduuri Withered Hand on kirvoittanut mairittelevia vertailuita kulttihullu Daniel Johnstoniin, ikiraakku Neil Youngiin sekä jopa Sufjan Stevensin ja Belle and Sebastianin kaltaisiin nimiin. Mediakirjoittelut sikseen: nettisivunsa ääninäytteiden perusteella kyseessä on persoonallinen, mukavalla tavalla kierokin laulaja-lauluntekijä, jonka musiikissa kuuluu hienosti skotlantilaisuus, vastakulttuuriasenne sekä silkka melodinen melankolia.

Swaying Wires tulee puolestaan Suomen Turusta ja valloittaa karhean juurevalla, tunnelmoivalla indie-americanalla The Walkaboutsin ja jopa Mazzy Starin hengessä.

Withered Hand (SCO)
Swaying Wires

+ FOTM DJ team
pe 5.10. 2012 klo 21-03
Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30, Turku
liput 4€


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First Times – First Times 7″ EP

Whenever there’s a new Finnish power pop band/release, you can count me interested. I’ve heard good things about Helsinki-based First Times for a year or two and now there’s finally a debut release. Their self-titled seven inch EP came out in late july on Combat Rock Industry and I finally picked up my copy from the local 8raita record store. If your idea of power pop is something sugary and sweet (like Matthew Sweet for example), this might not be your slice of cheese cake. If you prefer to inhale your power pop with a fair share of rock’n’roll and punk rock (like Bomp! Records catalog for example), then you are in for a treat. This is damn good stuff for sure. You can listen to 2 out of the 4 songs below.

First Times at Bandcamp
First Times at Facebook

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Volter & Big Wave Riders

A couple of really good Finnish albums came out last week.


Volter’s debut album No Return is a charming pop album. 60s pop music, glam, indie pop, even a tiny bit of Finnish schlager and most importantly really good songs. There might not be anything really mind-blowing on the record, but I like everything this record has to offer. Besides, I’m quite happy with my mind as it is. I don’t want to have it blown away. I rather let it flow in a steady stream of well-crafted and beautifully delivered old-fashioned pop songs. This is the first single Ghost Town.

Volter at Facebook


Big Wave Riders also released their debut album Life Less Ordinary last week. They are part of Soliti’s excellent artist roster. Style-wise they are not totally my cup of tea, but that’s just personal preference. There’s nothing wrong with the quality of their music. Life Less Ordinary is full of high quality pop music and it deserves a lot of attention. And this new video, Sunny Season is pretty damn good.

Big Wave Riders at Facebook

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Album of the Month: Greater Pacific – Incandescent

Time for new album of the month. I’m a bit early with this one, because Yer Bird will officially release this in the beginning of september. I just couldn’t resist, because I love everything about this one. Greater Pacific from Southern California are masters of laid-back americana and their debut full-length is amazingly beautiful. Even though it is very far-fetched to compare folk band to an indie pop band, Greater Pacific somehow reminds me of Trembling Blue Stars. Maybe Greater Pacific’s Kyle Kersten and Bobby Wratten from TBS are just both able to create same kind of little bit melancholic, but extremely comfortable atmosphere. If you need more pointless namedropping, Norfolk & Western’s masterpiece Dusk at Cold Parlours could be located around the same neighbourhood. Anyway, the thing that matters is that Incandescent is a magnificent record. Wonderful vocals, beautifully crafted and arranged songs and a pedal steel. Who could ask for more? This is certainly in my top 10 for 2012 and maybe even in top 3. This is the marvellous opening track And You All Remain With Me.

Greater Pacific at Facebook

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