Binoculers – There Is Not Enough Space In The Dark

Moving on to Hamburg, Germany. Nadja Rüdebusch aka Binoculers has a new album There Is Not Enough Space In The Dark coming out november 2nd on Insular Music. I’ve been listening to it all week long and I really like it. Minimal, fragile folk music that easily finds it’s way into the core of my heart. How can something so minimal be so mesmerizing. This is the first outtake from the album. A lovely song and a beautiful video. This is Monsters.

Binoculers Website
Insular Music Website

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I Was A King – You Love It Here

Alert! Perfect pop music! It’s 11.45 pm and I have a ten hour work day coming up tomorrow. So I’ll keep things short and pretty much just repeat what I said on twitter a day or two ago. If you love pop music, you need to hear the new I Was A King album You Love It Here. Norwegians Frode Strømstad, Anne Lise Frøkedal, Ole Reidar Gudmestad have created an amazing pop album with the help of Norman Blake and Robyn Hitchcock. This is a world class pop album. Excellent songwriting, truly stunning vocals. Now that’s how you sing. I hope my physical copy arrives from Norway sometime soon. Meanwhile I have to settle for Spotify. But someone really has to release this outside Norway. This is way too perfect to remain as a secret. Five hearts for sure. This is the wonderful opener Frozen Disease. The rest of the album is equally magnificent.

I Was A King Website
I Was A King at Facebook

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Small Houses – Oh, Hiding Out / Our Sweet 7″

Michigan-based folk troubadour Jeremy Quentin aka Small Houses took’s song of the year 2011 award with amazingly beautiful song Late July. So i’m definitely a big fan and some good news arrived last week. Small Houses have a new seven inch single Oh Hiding Out / Our Sweet coming out on november 5th and you can already pre-order this lovely release. This one below is Our Sweet. Stream/buy the whole thing on his website or bandcamp.

Small Houses Website
Small Houses at Bandcamp

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Introducing Lenzie Moss

The man behind Lenzie Moss is Finlay Macdonald. If you are a scottish pop fan like yours truly, I think you are quite familiar with Finlay already. Speedboat disc back in the day was mighty fine and of course he has been a member of Teenage Fanclub and BMX Bandits in the past. So Finlay probably doesn’t need an introduction in the indie pop world, but maybe Lenzie Moss needs one. Introducing Lenzie Moss just came out digitally (maybe vinyl later, but so far only digital) and it’s a really good album. The opener Kelvin British Summertime is a song about late 80s Glasgow, but the lyrics “It was cool time to like Big Star, Dinosaur Jr and loud guitars” fits quite well to late 90s in Jyväskylä as well. That line makes me a little nostalgic for sure even though my friend(s) kindly pointed out that nothing has changed since then and it’s still cool to like Big Star and Dinosaur jr.

This is Kelvin British Summertime. Stream/buy the whole beautiful pop album at

Lenzie Moss Website

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