Katie Spencer, Clara Baker and Tiny Ruins

Another quick round-up post of songs/releases that I love. Starting with my current favorite album Weather Beaten by Katie Spencer. She is a folk singer-songwriter from Hull, UK and this magnificent debut full-length came out on the 1st of March. This album is such a beautiful folk treasure. It’s so easy to get lost in her magnificent guitar playing and well-crafted poetic songs. This is also a very refreshing and different listen for someone like yours truly who spends most of his days in the arms of americana. Here’s the brilliant title track, but you really need to hear the whole album. Extremely highly recommended.

Katie Spencer Website

Another big new find for me has been the music of Clara Baker. Her album Things To Burn will be released on the 8th of March. The first two outtakes Doubt and title track Things To Burn have been outstanding and therefore this is shaping up to be something really exciting. She is an excellent songwriter and additional plus is that this was produced by Shane Leonard who usually has the ability to make a set of songs shine as brightly as they possible can. The real shining star here is still of course Clara Baker and the powerful songs she has written. This is the excellent first single Doubt.

Clara Baker Website

Let’s wrap tonight’s little blog entry with a song from the amazing new Tiny Ruins album Olympic Girls. I’m not sure does Tiny Ruins from New Zealand and the songwriter Hollie Fullbrook need an introduction, because at least in the blissful bubble that I live in, they are world famous and everyone loves them. Maybe that’s not in fact completely true, but please don’t destroy this dreamworld. I like it here. Olympic Girls came out on Marathon on the 1st of February. I love the whole album, but if I have to choose one song, I think my personal favorite has to be School of Design.

Tiny Ruins Website

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Tiffany Williams, Charles Wesley Godwin, Abigail Lapell & Joshua Ray Walker

Another one of these short round-up posts of songs/albums that I’ve fallen in love with during the early parts of 2019. This time we shall visit a creek, a canyon and two mountains.

Tiffany Williams is a songwriter from eastern Kentucky who currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She released her timeless and beautiful debut EP When You Go on the 18th of January. Every song has become a friend, but the song that I hold really close to my chest is this one called Big Enough To Be A Mountain.

Tiffany Williams Website

Charles Wesley Godwin is an americana songwriter from West Virginia and his new album Seneca came out on the 15th of February. According to him it’s an autobiography of an Appalachian boy. It’s a damn impressive one too and full of fabulous songwriting. He really engaged me into this story Seneca Creek with the very first lines and then softly carried me through the captivating song. A great song from a great album.

Charles Wesley Godwin Website

Moving on Toronto, Canada for the new Abigail Lapell album Getaway that came out on the 1st of February on Coax Records. It’s quite comforting to get lost in the ethereal beauty of this mesmerizing folk album. A highly recommended activity after a tough day at the factory. This song Shape Of A Mountain is a perfect ending to this enchanting getaway from the everyday.

Abigail Lapell Website

And last station tonight is Dallas, Texas and Joshua Ray Walker’s brilliant debut album Wish You Were Here that came out on State Fair Records on the 25th of January. I posted a live version of Canyon late last year, but I still haven’t posted the official music video for this honest and powerful song. This is a crime against good music, so it’s time to make amends. Oh and even though I keep on raving about Canyon, this song is just one part of the JRW story. The whole new record is impressive from first note to last.

Joshua Ray Walker Website

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I Was a King, Pretty Matty, Martha and The Maureens

Ok, let’s do another quick round-up post tonight. This is in a more pop setting. Have to live up to the subtitle of this blog every now and then. Plus I love this stuff obviously. So here’s a small pop goes the world video post.

Norwegians with Norman are first in line. I Was A King first came to my attention when Norman Blake and Robyn Hitchcock produced their You Love It Here album back in 2012. They have a new album Slow Century coming out 8th of March on Coastal Town Recordings. This forthcoming pop treasure was also produced by Norman Blake from my all-time faves Teenage Fanclub. The second single Hatchet is magnificent and kind of like the foundation of my music taste in less than 3 minutes. The focus of this blog has drifted towards country/folk music, but this is sort of where this all began and I love this so much.

I Was a King at Facebook

Next up is a new favorite Pretty Matty from Toronto, Canada. I don’t know a whole lot about them, but recently I stumbled upon their new single Kicked Out. It’s a damn good and catchy power pop song and there’s a great music video for it too. I need to check out the EP they released last year while waiting for new songs to arrive.

Pretty Matty at Facebook

Moving on to Durham, UK for the new Martha single Love Keeps Kicking. A new Martha album will be released by Big Scary Monsters on the 5th of April. Here’s the awesome music video for the single and title track Love Keeps Kicking.

Martha Website

Final stop tonight is Utrecht, Netherlands and new The Maureens album Something in the Air that just came out on Meritorio Records. I haven’t even listened to the whole record, but I have this song 20 Years for the Company on the new weekly playlist and I really like it. My kind of pop music for sure and I look forward to giving this more attention during the coming days/weeks.

The Maureens Website

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