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I’m totally addicted to that song at the moment. You’ll find a couple of other new songs from samsamsamkim’s youtube profile. And search for a song called Jackson Don’t Worry while you’re at it. That’s another stunner that also has a small Big Star reference. I just totally love this guy. The solo album is a major candidate for onechord’s album of the year award and the upcoming Two Cow Garage album will (most likely) be equally wonderful.

Micah Schnabel at myspace
Two Cow Garage Website

What else. I’ve been a lazy bastard and I’ve spent my time watching the world cup (and obviously playing with the kitten and adoring the kitten). Therefore I’m way behind with all the news and review thingies. But I try to get some of the news up on the blog during this week. There are several things that needs to be mentioned (good things from The Good Times, Nopat, Delay Trees, Puskii etc).

I haven’t had the time to listen to much music lately… but when I have, I’ve been really enjoying the new albums by Teenage Fanclub, The Gaslight Anthem, Deer Tick, The Sadies and Nopat 7″ and Sweatmaster 7″. The Jayhawks’ Bunkhouse album is waiting for it’s turn. Same can be said about the new Pernice Brothers album and John Prine tribute that I bought from 8raita earlier today. I’m also eagerly looking forward to the new Chatham County Line album that should be out in about two weeks I think.

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