Couch by Couchwest 2015 March 15-21


One of the musical highlights of the year, Couch By Couchwest festival kicks off on the 15th March. CXCW staff is already working their socks off and have started taking your submissions. The deadline for those submissions is 12:00pm Noon Eastern/9:00am Pacific time March 21th, but I’m sure they appreciate it, if you send them in advance. It would give the unlucky and overworked CXCW intern at least some free time during the festivities that he/she could spend on preparing tacos and carving haikus to his/her desk.

CXCW is open to everyone and that’s the beauty of it. You don’t need to be world famous to participate. Sure some big names like Neko Case and Rosanne Cash have participated which has been awesome, but some unknown father-daughter duo singing their heart out can be just as important at CXCW. All genres are accepted, but no Wagon Wheel covers (unless your D.Rucker) or something very offensive like Nickelback covers. Some Finnish folks have also appeared on the stage. Robin Pahlman, Jerry Lindqvist and Marty The Random Guy have all played on the festival. I hope the audience will see a couple of Finnish entries at CXCW 2015 as well.

Here are quick guidelines from their website:

“Musicians: Please upload your unique to CXCW 2015 video (i.e. for the CXCW festival) to YouTube or Vimeo and send the link to us via the below form or to cxcwest at (think of this video as your performance for the Couch by Couchwest audience).

Videos do not have to be recorded on a couch, but they should be recorded essentially anywhere but a stage (we strongly encourage creativity).

Submitted videos should be unique (i.e. for the CXCW audience). Please do not send us promos, EPK’s, live concert footage, music videos, slideshows, etc…”

And here’s Marty The Random Guy singing The 1800 at CXCW 2014


Couch by Couch West Website

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