Alert: Possible Album of the Year out this Friday – Steven Lambke – Days Of Heaven


Someone drag me back to surface. I’m getting over-excited. I’ve only heard two songs from the forthcoming Steven Lambke album out this Friday (Oct.30.) on the ever lovely You’ve Changed Records, but I’m already convinced that this is going to be a masterpiece. If the rest of the album will live up to Days of Heaven and especially Memory Forever, Barna Howard will indeed have a late contender for that album of the year title. I can’t wait to hear this one in a few days time. These two songs are just so brilliant. The songs remind me a bit of the late great Sparklehorse. Could be just me. Anyway, I’ll try to get back to this once I’ve actually heard this in full. Meanwhile check out the video premiere for Memory Forever at Exclaim (I didn’t embed the video, because I’m not sure is that allowed when someone has the premiere still going on, but I highly recommend watching it. The song is wonderful and the video includes some of my favourite people that I’ve never met, Steven, Ian Kehoe and Tamara Lindeman). This one is the other song that is already out there. The wonderful album opener and title track Days Of Heaven.

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