Todd Beene, John Calvin Abney & Friendship


Todd Beene is working on a solo album called I Can’t Be Serious and will write, record and release a song every ten days or so until the album is finished. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, he is the pedal steel wizard that you have seen or heard on Glossary, Lucero, Chuck Ragan albums/concerts. All great ones and Glossary obviously among the very best there has been during the past ten years or so. Based on this first outtake We Miss You, Todd Beene is capable of doing his own thing in an equally amazing fashion.

Todd Beene at Bandcamp


John Calvin Abney is a prolific tunesmith. After releasing a really good album Better Luck early in the year, he is returning on December 5th with a new EP Vice Versa Suite. The first outtake Daisy and Clover is a stunning song. A lot like Elliot Smith, but that’s never a bad thing in my world.

John Calvin Abney at Facebook


Burst & Bloom Records is a small-ish label from Portsmouth, New Hampshire whose taste I’ve grown to trust. They release pretty much only great albums. Guy Capecelatro III, Hello Shark and Cape Snow are some of my earlier favourites. The latest to grab my attention is You’re Going To Have To Trust Me by Friendship. I haven’t really focused on the whole thing yet, because I always get stuck on this gorgeous opener Responsible for an hour or two. Such a great song. This is Responsible.

Friendship at Facebook

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