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I think it’s time to get back to this blogging thingy and update frequently during the next two months. There’s a few dozen amazing 2015 releases and songs that I haven’t mentioned or posted and that’s just not right. Let’s kick of with some of my current favourite songs. Ok, the favourite song is still Fuck The Government, I Love You, but these aren’t far behind.

I wrote a bit of a preview about Steven Lambke’s album Days Of Heaven earlier in the week. Now the album is out and available and it’s indeed magnificent. I can understand if it isn’t everyone’s cup of capuccino. Steven isn’t the greatest singer in the world and the songs are really short and fragile. I don’t have any complaints though. I do love this wholeheartedly. Perhaps Barna will keep that #1 spot, but a top 10 should be guaranteed. This is something similar to me as was The Shapes That Kiss The Lips Of God by J.E.Sunde. Not that they sound similar, but they managed to capture something insecure and fragile and turn it into something stronger than the character Jaws. This one below is the key moment of the record for me. A song called Memory Forever. It’s simple, but it touches me deeply. That moment where he sings “strong enough to love / strong enough to be loved / to listen close to love / and hear love” is probably my favourite moment of any song this year.

Steven Lambke at Facebook


This one is actually from 2012, but I want to repost this, because I still return to this song on almost on a weekly basis. I’m not sure is Austin Craig still making music, but I sure hope so, because this whole A Country Dark EP is amazing. Sure it’s indeed very dark and almost uncomfortable to listen to. I don’t mind though. In a way sad songs are the foundation my happiness is built on and this whole heart might break if I took them away. This the amazing title track of Austin Craig’s 2012 EP A Country Dark.

Austin Craig Website


Back to the finest of 2015. Andrew Bryant’s This is The Life came out early in the year and has been on heavy rotation throughout the year. The album is finally available on Bandcamp as well and I have to use this opportunity to share one of my favourite songs of the year. Sure there are plenty of other great ones on the album as well, but this is the one I love the most. Such a perfect song. My Own Saving Grace by Andrew Bryant.

Andrew Bryant Website

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