Kalispell – Printer’s Son (new album June 3rd)


Here’s another shout out of great things to come this summer. Kalispell’s wonderful album Printer’s Son will finally see the light of the day thanks to Cartouche Records. I backed the Kickstarter project so I got the digital copy sometime last year and absolutely fell in love with the album. It would have been in my top 10 for the year, but I asked Shane Leonard about the release date and he told me it will come out officially in 2016. Therefore I left it out and saved it for my best of 2016 list.

Shane Leonard is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who has worked with Field Report, J.E.Sunde, Stray Birds etc. Hopefully Printer’s Son will turn him from liner note wizard to a front row hero. Kalispell deserves a lot of love. The album is a thing of great beauty where old Appalachian music gently collides with modern folk music. The pre-order is now up on Cartouche Records website. I think I might have to pick up that vinyl myself as well, because that early digital copy is not enough. The excellent first outtake from the album Windfall is now available and you can hear it below.

Kalispell Website

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