Luka – Summon Up a Monkey King


Luka is a Toronto-based songwriter and his new album Summon up a Monkey King is now out and available on Yellow K Records. This has been pretty much my holiday soundtrack. I just love this so much. Unashamedly sweet folk-tinged pop ballads that have a certain similar enchanting charm as 90s solo Jonathan Richman. In my head this is like a perfect companion piece to Richman’s 1998 album I’m So Confused. Oh and then there’s even beautiful female harmonies backing Luka’s soft voice and a beautiful cat in the cover. So what’s not to love. It’s just so incredibly lovely. It’s not for everyone, but it’s a great match with my shy, insecure and romantic heart. Sure some views hurt too, but I’ve been rarely hurt in such a gentle manner. Such a magnificent album. You’ll find a couple of examples below. Listen to / buy the album over at his Bandcamp.

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