MAITA – Waterbearer EP

MAITA is a chamber-folk songwriter from Portland, Oregon and her debut EP Waterbearer came out on the 27th of January. I didn’t know anything about her a week ago, but this EP easily won my heart over. There’s a large amount of songwriters writing beautiful indie folk these days, but this one has the quality to stand up from the crowd. Well-crafted folk songs with beautiful melodies and intriquing structures. Another Portland-based songwriter Laura Veirs might be a good comparison. Maybe not all the time, but especially the fantastic title track reminds me a bit of Laura Veirs. Waterbearer is my biggest personal favourite, but all five songs are winners.

As a fellow shy and anti-social wallflower, I’m also very intriqued to hear MAITA singing her heart out and sharing her views of life through these songs. She has found the confidence with these songs that I’m still searching with my silly blog ramblings, but in some very small way I do feel like I’m doing something similar as she is with her songs. Expressing my thoughts and emotions in a social situation often gets too overwhelming and downwright impossible, but by doing this blog I’ve found a way to divide my extreme shyness into something manageable and share my love for the world, you and MAITA. This is the amazing title track Waterbearer that is a perfect ending to this marvellous release.

And here’s the video for the excellent opening song Kinder Than Most.

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