Bone Moon – The Writer EP

Bone Moon released their debut EP The Writer on the 3rd of March. They are a new band from Tampere led by ex-Ochre Room frontman Lauri Myllymäki. I had extremely high hopes for this one, because I absolutely loved Ochre Room. They put out a couple of albums that contained some of the finest Finnish folk rock / americana released in recent years. It was sad to see them call it a day, but thankfully Bone Moon is at least equally wonderful. Sure I miss the male-female harmonies a little bit, but the new band is very convincing and Lauri is continuously getting stronger and stronger as a songwriter. The Writer is an absolute beauty of an EP and a perfect start for this new group. The release party will be held at Telakka, Tampere on the 10th of March (with Laura Moisio). Here’s the music video for the title track. Directed by Sami Pöyry.

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