Charlie Whitten (feat Molly Parden) – Virginia

I’ll do a quick video post, because I don’t how I’ve managed to miss this one. I think I’ve said a couple times already that I’m madly addicted to Charlie Whitten’s Playwright EP. It’s my favorite EP of the year and well also one of my biggest favorites even all things considered. The only downside is that there’s just four songs and I would love to hear more. It’s sorta 70s folk singer-songwriter stuff that is beautifully written and sounds so warm and gentle even when other emotions take control in the lyrics. Virginia is the last song on the EP and I just saw this gorgeous Public Radio Sessions live version of it from 2015 where Charlie sings it with Molly Parden. Whoever is in charge with the English vocabulary haven’t yet created an adjective that is powerful enough to express how much I love this song and the way these two present it on this video.

And you’ll find the whole EP by following this link.

Charlie Whitten at Bandcamp

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