Video/Song premiere: Jeremy Squires – Gift

Jeremy Squires is a singer-songwriter from New Bern, North Carolina. He has been creating quietly mesmerizing and haunting folk songs for several years and he has been featured here frequently since I stumbled upon his magnificent Central Nervous Station EP back in 2013. His songs often tend to be fragile and evocative, sometimes even poignant and devastatingly sad. Somehow the songs still always manage to bring me comfort, because the warmness, the softness and the serene humanity of them divide my own darkness into something manageable. That’s how even the downhearted moments of his songs have given me something to lean on and for that I’m eternally grateful.

Currently Jeremy Squires is releasing a series of music videos that will eventually lead to the release of his new album entitled Poem. The first one Somersault has been out for a few weeks and I’m proud to premiere the latest video for the song Gift. This is a serene, heartwarming and emotion-filled song that leaves me a little teary-eyed, but for all the right reasons. Jeremy himself explained: “It’s about two people who are lost and somehow found their way to each other. It is from both perspectives. The first verse is meant to be comforting and gives an example of someone leaving a beautiful path to follow to lead the other out of the dark. The second verse is from the perspective of being lost or in a dark place and finding love.”

The single Gift will be available everywhere on the 16th of February. There’s not yet a release date set for the album Poem, but you can count on it to be featured here once it’s available.

Jeremy Squires Website

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