General mumbo jumbo vol.2

I didn’t really like the previous theme and this one has a couple of annoying things as well. I should just stop wasting my time into this layout thing, because it really doesn’t matter one damn bit. I should just write stuff and forget everything else. Unfortunately I bought the new Football Manager 2011 and we shall see do I actually get anything done during the next weeks. That game is just way too addicting. Nevertheless, I really should review the new albums that I really love like The Genuine Fakes, Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans and Topi Saha.

Oh! If you have a chance to see Carmen & The Devil plays Gillian Welch, you really should. They played here in Bar Kuka last friday and I thought they were excellent.

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General mumbo jumbo

Just a little theme change. I prefer the old one though and probably will change it back in a day or two. But maybe I first try to make a header image to this one and see if this looks any better after that. I really should just buy the css upgrade, because it’s pretty hard to find a default theme that I really like. All of them seem to have a couple of things I don’t like at all.

What else. The best records at the moment are The Striped Album by The Genuine Fakes and The Falcon Lake Incident by Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans. I’ve been really enjoying them a lot lately. Reviews to come when I’ve found the cure for lazyness.

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Flavour of the Month: Kim Curly Band, Ossi Alisaari (Penniless)


Flavour Of The Monthin lokakuun livesessio nautitaan akustisena. Pikku-Torren lavalle nousevat perjantaina 1.10. helsinkiläinen Kim Curly Band sekä ikuisesti nakkilalaisen Penniless-yhtyeen turkulaistunut laulajakitaristi Ossi Alisaari.

Kim Curly Band on saanut suomalaisessa musiikkimediassa hehkutusta folkahtavalla americana/alt. country-popillaan ja nyt onkin korkea aika saada Flavour-lavalle parasta, mitä Suomella on tarjota vastineeksi Ryan Adamsin eri bändiviritelmille. Vakuuttava yhtye esiintyy Turussa tällä kertaa Kim Curly Triona (kitara, koskettimet ja lap steel), soittaen kappaleita aiemmin tänä vuonna julkaistulta debyyttialbumiltaan.

Ossi Alisaari esittelee puolestaan Pennilessin uutta, suorastaan haltioituneen vastaanoton saanutta A Cab To The City-albumia. Onkin mielenkiintoista nähdä, miten Pennilessin uran tanakin ja synkein rocklevy taipuu mies-ja-kitara-versioiksi. Ja Ossin aiempien soolokeikkojen peristeella odotettavissa lienee myös muutamia vinksahtaneita cover-valintoja.

Kim Curly Band
Ossi Alisaari (Penniless)
+ FOTM DJ team
pe 1.10. 2010 klo 21-03
Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30, Turku
liput 3€

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