Cheap Star


I’ve known this french band Cheap Star for some years, because of their The Posies connections, but only found out today that they’ve released an album a couple of months ago. It’s called Speaking Like an Elephant and half of it was produced by Jon Auer and the other half was produced by Ken Stringfellow. So The Posies connections are still there and it’s certainly not a bad thing, because for me The Posies is the greatest band ever. Still just the fact it was produced by Ken & Jon wouldn’t make one love  them if the songs weren’t as great as they are. Okay, so far I’ve only heard these four songs that are on their myspace, but based on those I really like them and will order the album tonight.

This is definitely my kind of music and brings back the golden age of music. Because for me this dearest era and golden age of music is the 90’s power pop, guitar pop, indie rock etc. The stuff finnish indie freaks heard on Räkärodeo and fell in love with it. There’s a lot of that The Lemonheads, TFC, The Posies thing going on in here. Wonderful melodic guitar pop with  beautiful mellow harmonies. The title track on the other hand sounds almost exactly like the great Guided By Voices.  I’m definitely hooked and convinced enough to order the album.

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Future Gravity

future gravity

I still miss ultrasport, but perhaps the griefing time should finally be over and it’s better to be overjoyed about things like Future Gravity. This is the new project of ex-ultrasport Juho Kosunen and the first samples  sounds damn good to me. Juho’s own description “A bit like Jens Lekman with stereoids and off the antidepressants” gives you a hint about the style. Make up your own mind by downloading the first two songs from his website or listen to them on Future Gravity’s myspace.

Future Gravity Website
Future Gravity at myspace

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The Phonies on The Lemonheads Tribute


A while ago Double D Records released a tribute cd to The Lemonheads entitled Drug Buddies. Excellent finnish band The Phonies features on this tribute with their wonderful take on The Great Big No and at the moment you can listen to it on the myspace page dedicated to this tribute.  Obviously I have no clue how long it will stay there,  but it’s there now. And because we don’t own mountain bikes and are not outdoor types, could there be a better way to spend an evening than to sit in front of a computer listening to a great finnish band covering one of the greatest bands ever several times in a row.

The Lemonheads Tribute at myspace
The Lemonheads Tribute Website
Double D Records Website
The Phonies Website
The Phonies at myspace

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Even though it’s complicated, I’ve got time to start again

A start for something beautiful or the beginning of the end for One Chord To Another? Your guess is as good as mine. At this moment in time, I’m not sure will I post several times a day or once in every six months. This might just be one of these dozens of poor attempts to keep somehow alive that you’ve seen every now and then. Hopefully this will be a slightly better attempt and I manage to keep things going on at least for a while. At the moment, I don’t have a clue what will happen to the main site. I probably will keep it up for the time being and just add a link to this blog to the front page and forward folks to this little blog.

I try to keep the personal mumbo jumbo and sport related issues to a bare minimum and mostly focus on music only. After all, I still would like to be able to help finnish pop bands in getting a wider recognition (Ok, I haven’t really succeeded in this quest  in the past, but one can still try) and scaring both of the future readers of this blog with personal craptalk probably isn’t the best way to do it .  Actually there shouldn’t even be a need for this unhappy and miserable diving in low self esteem and loser-like behaviour. This is because JYP won the finnish hockey league and I’m still smiling inside because of it. A tongue-in-cheek comment could be that this is a life-changing moment. How can I be that unhappy loser ever again, because this lifted ten years of teenage anxiety and a couple of king kongs of my back. Do I really have to learn how to be happy? I don’t have too much experience about it. Like that Matthew-boy used to sing ” Everything is perfect in a way, but not today”.  That line is stolen from my brain function manual. One of the few things I’m really good at is being miserable eventhough everything is perfect in that big picture. Now after JYP won, I’m probably not even good at that anymore, because I can always remember this spring. I think it still might be better to be happy eventhough I suck at it than to to get a master’s degree at being miserable without any damn reason… Wait who just said that there won’t be any personal mumbo jumbo in this blog?

Let’s end this first blog post by saying that Cats On Fire’s Our Temperance Movement is an absolutely fabulous record. I’ve felt really bad because I’ve been such a lazy boy and haven’t praised it at It really is worth all the hearts in the world and so far it’s easily the main contender for my album of the year award. Well done again.

Cats On Fire:  Tears In Your Cup

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