News: Mighty Clouds in Finland

Indie pop guru Fred Thomas is touring in Finland with his new band Mighty Clouds. Fred Thomas used to be the genius behind a band called Saturday Looks Good To Me who created some fabulous pop albums. Especially All Your Summer Songs is one of my favourite indie pop albums ever released. The other and equally important member of Mighty Clouds is Betty Marie Barnes (who has also featured on Saturday Looks Good To Me) and together they created a beautiful pop album that came out late last year. You can listen to the album on their bandcamp page.

Next week they are playing three shows in Finland. The dates are as follows:

4.4. Bar Loose, Helsinki (with Johnny Got It Wrong)
5.4. Telakka, Tampere (with Johnny Got It Wrong)
6.4. Dynamo, Turku (with Cat & Lynx)

Spell It Out by mightyclouds

Mighty Clouds at Facebook
Mighty Clouds at Bandcamp

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Video of the Day #51: Charles Bradley

This blog needs some SOUL. It’s april fools day, but Charles Bradley ain’t fooling around. This 62-year-old man is singing his heart out. Watch his stunning performance below (live on KEXP). Charles has a fascinating background story (bio on facebook). His debut album No Time For Dreaming was released by Daptone Records in january.

This music video is equally wonderful.

Charles Bradley Website

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Video of the Day #50: Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children

I can’t say I’m the biggest expert on the Greenlandic indie scene, but recently I stumbled upon Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children and their songs are pretty marvellous. The album Nive Sings! came out in december 2010 and you can listen to it on their bandcamp. The album was produced by John Parish. Howe Gelb features on a couple of tracks and in one interview she named bands/artists like Townes Van Zandt, Michael Hurley, Giant Sand.. as her influences. So she definitely has a great taste in music. But enough with this pointless namedropping. The thing that matters is that she writes captivating folk songs and has a really beautiful voice. What a lovely album and what a lovely video.

Nive Nielsen at bandcamp
Nive Nielsen at myspace

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NT’s White Trash

Some great news. NT’s White Trash’s debut album Mourning Becomes Electric will be released on 18th of may by Stupido Records. What the hell is NT’s White Trash you might ask. Well I didn’t know either before I got the e-mail. It’s ex-Treeball & ex-Supermodel Nick Triani’s new group. The band also features other finnish indie heroes Janne Lehtinen, Heikki Tikka and Henrik Domingo. It’s pretty hard to make final conclusions about their sound based on one song so let’s steal Nick’s words from their soundcloud page:

“NT’s White Trash is loose and ragged by choice, and an opportunity to bridge the gap between my old band Supermodel’s lo-fi thrash and Treeball’s more considered pop. The album title refers to this new opportunity to turn things up!”

Listen to the first outtake The Whistle from the upcoming album below. Sounds great if you ask me.

04 Whistle by NT’s White Trash

NT’s White Trash Website
NT’s White Trash at facebook

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