A lot more about this later on. It’s 3 am here in Finland and I’ve been trying to go to bed for an hour now. But I’m finding it hard to stop listening to Elvyn. It’s a canadian pop group that I found tonight (thanks to Absolute Powerpop). They have a new album out and you can listen to it on their website. I didn’t get very far before ordering the album. I just instantly fell in love with their songs. Think of things like Big Star and TFC and throw in a little bit of soft country. It just sounds perfect to my ears. But like I said, it’s late, I need to sleep and I don’t really know that much about them (an hour ago I didn’t even know they existed). So more later on. I was just so excited about them that I had to get this out of my chest and make a quick entry. This is simply fantastic music and I’m already in love with Elvyn.

Elvyn Website
Elvyn at myspace

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