Freschard – Shh.. & Ratboys – Aoid


Uk-based label Wiaiwya will be reissuing Freschard’s Shh.. on yellow vinyl in July. Pre-order is up now.. and well.. you know the deal. It’s Freschard. So it’s absolutely gorgeous. In fact absolutely perfect. It will move you and it will be make you smile. Five hearts any day of the week. Extremely monstrously highly recommended. This is Monsters from this future classic.

Wiaiwya at Bandcamp
Freschard at Facebook


Not entirely sure do like that cover art or the name band of the band, but 100% sure that I love the music and that’s what really counts. Aoid by Ratboys is a wonderful instantly catchy indie rock album and listening to it makes me rethink my current status as a sad bastard, because here I am smiling like an idiot instead of making art out of self-pity. Especially MCMXIV, Postman Song and Tixis are so awesome. Almost like an overdose of entertainment. Aoid is now out on Topshelf Records.

Ratboys at Facebook

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