A Reminder of the Brilliance of J.E. Sunde by Daytrotter


Well I suppose I didn’t really need a reminder of the brilliance of J.E. Sunde (or Daytrotter for that matter), but I’m so grateful that they made another session with him. I’ve been a huge fan since I heard his utterly wonderful solo album Shapes That Kiss The Lips Of God. A way too unknown masterpiece that can get through all the layers you might have build around your heart.

This new Daytrotter session once again shows that J.E. Sunde writes the most inspiring and moving songs and I could listen to this all day long. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m crying a little when I write this. I haven’t been completely able to feel my left arm and leg for almost a year, but these songs. Man, I can feel everything about them. The songs are so vulnerable, but still they contain more strength than an army of wrestlers. It just rips off all the armor I’ve built around me. There goes crippling shyness and so long low self-esteem. Sure these things will come back to haunt me, but even when the armor is closed and back on me, there’s a certain light in there somewhere and that was planted by the songs of J.E.Sunde. That light reminds me that all these human weaknesses aren’t really weaknesses at all. They are just..well.. human. This was all very naive and cliche-ish of course. The point just was and is that I extremely highly recommend either picking up his album Shapes That Kiss The Lips Of God or listening to this brand new and totally magnificent Daytrotter session. You need to be a member to be able to hear the whole session, but you can hear a few songs for free as well. Subscribing is definitely a good idea, because for a fairly small annual or monthly fee, you’ll get more great music than you’ll ever have the time to listen to. Also the most stunning moment of this session, the song Rabbit Rag and I is for members only.

J.E. Sunde Daytrotter Session
J.E. Sunde Website

And here’s A Blinding Flash of Light one more time from that album mentioned above. It was my favourite song of 2014. In fact, it very well might be my favourite song of the current decade.

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