Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom – Fuck The Government, I Love You


File under: the best song in the world right now and a song worthy of a blog comeback. I really fell in love with this one last weekend and listened to it over and over again. I didn’t really plan on ending my blog hiatus this week, but this is just too good not to post. So if you missed One Chord To Another, you can thank these lovely people for getting it back on track. They are Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom from The Burning Hell and their duo album called Don’t Believe The Hyperreal will come out on the 27th of November. It will be released by BB*Island (Europe) / Headless Owl (Canada).

The past year has been a year of The Burning Hell for me. Perhaps in more ways than one, but let’s leave the health concerns aside for a second and focus on the brighter part of The Burning Hell. The songwriter Mathias Kom is my own happiness guide. There are lines in his songs that make me so ridiculously happy that perhaps one day I can say that the lines in my face did come from smiling. The first outtake Fuck The Government, I Love You from the forthcoming duo album is once again an injection of happiness. Co-workers probably think I’m finally loosing it, because all week long I’ve been packing potatoes while singing along loudly the words “pass the wine, fuck the government, I love you too”. Thanks Ariel & Mathias. I love you too.

And some old The Burning Hell classics.

The Burning Hell Website

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