Daniel Martin Moore – Sign Of Life


I want to end this blog week with something everlastingly beautiful. This song Sign Of Life by Daniel Martin Moore was my favourite music-related moment during this past week. I don’t really use Spotify much at home, because here I listen to records that I’ve bought. However, I do subscribe to Spotify because every time I get home from work I try to think of a new record that I haven’t heard yet and listen to it in the car on my way home. Last Thursday I remembered that I haven’t heard the new Daniel Martin Moore record, which is a crime against good music. So I started driving home listening to Golden Age. I was hooked from the start and the song Anyway already moved me deeply. However, the real magical moment happened when I was close to home waiting in the traffic lights when the opening lines of Sign of Life fell into my heart. A moment of true beauty. I nearly cried and almost forgot to start driving again when the light turned green. I parked the car and listened to it again before I walked home. Perhaps just simple words wrapped in a beautiful melody, but nothing could have moved me more that night. This is Daniel Martin Moore and Sign Of Life.

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