Nap Eyes & The Rollstons


The new Nap Eyes album Whine Of The Mystic has been a bit of a surprise favourite during the last few weeks. Surprise for me because I was a bit blind (well deaf I guess) and didn’t notice the greatness of this Canadian group earlier in the year even though they are on labels that I love (Paradise Of Bachelors and You’ve Changed). Just hearing bits and pieces didn’t hook me. Thankfully things changed when I got the whole album. I completely saw the light after spinning it a couple of times in its entirety. It’s that kind of blissfully twisted and literate indie rock / guitar pop that is rather unique and inspiring. If you want some reference points it occasionally reminds me of The Modern Lovers and the great Finnish band The Rollstons. Extremely highly recommended stuff. There’s also a new one ready to hit your heart in early 2016, but let’s get into that one after the new year. This is Dreaming Solo from Whine Of The Mystic.

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I also have to use this opportunity to post a song or two from The latest The Rollstons album Swiss Time. It’s definitely on my top 10 when it’s time to make that Finnish albums of the year list. Here are Hospital Property and I Am Asparagus from the latest album.

And here’s an all-time classic So Real.

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