Toby Goodshank – Dream On Me

I think I have a whole lot of listening to do. Clint Michigan led me to the solo music of a former The Moldy Peaches member Toby Goodshank. It looks like this NY-based songwriter has about 14 or 15 solo albums available and your badly educated blogger had heard none of them before last night. It might take a while to introduce my heart to that most likely amazing collection of songs, but better late than never and all the other cliches. His latest album Dream On Me came out on the 9th of March and I’ve been listening to it a lot during this weekend and I love it. Such a beautiful warm-sounding folk rock / indie rock album. I’ve only scratched the surface of it, but I’ve already felt both smiles and tears on my face. <3 gave out, Call Me Dad, I Can Just… Spinning.. oh well all of them actually are just so damn good. Here’s a couple of personal favorites. Buy/listen to the whole beautiful thing over at Bandcamp.

Toby Goodshank Website

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